Advice on new synth and new brain for my midi studio

So I recently sold on the digitakt to buy yet another moog synth. I wasn’t quite using it to its capabilities anywho.

I am ears if anyone can input… I own a minitaur. The minitaur has the preset library so I can recall my own presets at any given time? This is so valuable to me. All my other synths don’t have this capacity.
Obviously I’m sold on analog synths.
I’m just curious as to what my options are in analog synth land what have preset call or editor soft?

Completely unrelated except in my studio… I’ve offloaded the digitakt so all my midi is sequenced inside the box. I’d like to break away from the box but more so the damn mouse that’s attached to it?
As far as I can tell the opz seems best suited to my needs but does anyone want to weigh in on potential alternatives?
I’d like to spend time off the damn mouse once again.
Silly me, my studio is geared towards a box brain as I have the focusrite 18i20 feeding nice sounds and midi out of the box the mouse is attached to?
So basically I want the best of both worlds? Is it at all possible?
Let’s find the digifakts?

Thanks all.

Ps people here tend to help well as is why I’ve brought such conversations to a well lit environment.
Big ups!!!

This means knobs, faders, buttons, right? This is available on many synths of today :smiley:

If you want to go OTB for a new brain, check out OT, Deluge, MPC, Machine … and the like.

A new synth very strongly depends on the kind of music you are wanting to make. There are so many different options. Would you like more sound design of your own, or go with great patches made by others?

The Minitaur is IMO a great bass voice. I love and use it just for that. But it’s not a sound-designers dream, because it’s not very versatile. It’s a true Moog, though.

What about a polyphonic synth for pads, leads etc. ?

  • Sequential Rev2
  • Novation Peak
  • Korg Miniloque


… is this then a good idea to go with an OP-Z?

If u want mono, Sunsequent and Evolver fit the bill. For the other needs, Force or Mpc One.
If u want a poly, Rev2.

What other synths do you have?

Mono synth or poly synth?
Keyboard or no keyboard?
New or secondhand?

Brainwise, the force is probably a good bet if you like daw but not mouse.

I highly recommend a Squarp Pyramid as the brain of your setup. It’s super flexible and it’s transformed the way I interact with my synths and drum machines. Take a look at Loopop’s walkthrough. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about it. Good luck!

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So many reply’s I’ve been quite overwhelmed with life stuff atm.

I’ve had a look into the mentioned sequencers and the pyramid definitely resonates with me.

Sorry I was not more specific with synth details, here they are. I’m after 2, both desktop, both analog, one mono for leads and a poly for poly stuff.
The music I’m into is techno oriented but I hardly ever yeald techno. I wind up with funky discoesque tracks that everyone loves but it does not constitute as techno on any level. But that’s the way I roll I don’t set out to create a techno track I just experiment and let the sounds and grooves guide me, the end result is something Non generic and I’m quite happy with that.

Oh yeah, like everyone I don’t want to break the bank.