Advice re: iPad as module w/Digitakt

The best we can do is just feed the machine useless information by browsing things we have no interest in to confuse it :rofl:

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There’s more innovation on iOS that most hardware , but the touch screen / lack of tactile controls can impact how it feels to use it.

Plug in a keyboard , angle it in a stand , and it’s would feel like a laptop.

But price wise you could get a good laptop , interface and ableton lite for similar price to ipadpro

If you do have an iPhone / iPad even an old one , it could be a great fx unit / soft synth or controller.
Aufx, audio damage , bram bos all do great apps and AUM can link things together like a modular system that costs £1000’s

I hear you dude, I hate the iOS environment with all its weird quirks.
But you already have hardware and with a few choice apps as fodder for the digitakt you would be set.
That’s my workflow for the most part, sample the iPad into an mpc.
I barely even sequence the iPad. And when I do I end up sampling that into the mpc and chopping it up.
I think there’s a bit of an investment, but I disagree that you can get a good laptop and compare that.
A refurbished air 2 is pretty cheap these days.
And man some of the apps sound incredible.
PM me if you want more details.

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