Advices for Step Sequencer VST / Hardware?

Hi Elektronauts

My Setup is an Analog Keys, Rytm, Push2 and Ableton (and iPad, but I don’t use it)

Iam looking for a nice Step Sequencer with a lot of flexible Modulations. Need something that works fine with my existing setup.
My Idea is to control my Keys with this Step Sequencer over Ableton. I like the Sequencer from the Keys but need something that can generate some more random things or ideas.
Iam not a good Keyboard Player :slight_smile: Hope you understand me…

What do you think about Modstep or B Step Sequencer as VST or Beatstep Pro hardware. I can use my iPad (Air 2) or my Push2 or whatever.

Need some advice from you, dear Elektronauts!

Have a gander at Sugarbytes Thesys

Numerology is the best out there if you ask me.
Needs some modular patching knowledge though.
And mac only.

Octatrack ! Great with A4 ! 8x3 random Lfos, plocks, Multi Map control, familiar environment…
You can randomize Multi Map changing sounds from soundpool, modify them with Perf, randomize Pattern Changes…
You can assign Lfos to Ot’s Arp and p-lock them too. Not doable in A4 unfortunately.
You can program sequences in AK and override notes with Ot.
Random Kingdom.


If you are already using ableton, why not use the push to sequence the A4? Plenty of weird MIDI processing gadgets if you have M4L

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My suggestion as well. Loads of flexibility this way, and if you learn some m4l you can get even further. .

Hey, thanks for your replies.

Have you any concrete idea for some gadgets to use push?

I’ve been outta the M4L for too long to know the best ones. Maybe check some of these out?

for non-M4L stuff, I heard a lot of praise for KIRNU:

If you’re looking at hardware, I can’t recommend the Squarp Pyramid enough.

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I’m coding one… it will be very special :slight_smile: for the second quarter of this year.

Thanks a lot my Friends!

Still open for some concrete ideas and your experiences with different step sequencers :+1:

The M4L Monosequencer is really awesome. Unfortunately not really controllable from push.
I hope there will be a push integrated version soon, it’s really great.
Also like this a lot.
It’s like the Roland 185 sequencer or the intellijel metropolis.
You can controll all parameters from push, but I’m still searching for a better solution. It’s not too handy. I’m also searching for a good m4l sequencer to sequence my modular from push, so I’m very interested in this thread.
As sezare56 wrote, the OT is also very capable for complex midi sequences, so I ofen use it to sequence the A4. A4 has the conditional trigs of course.

Thanks Unifono, it seems we are looking for the same thing.

I also like a Random-Function, that generates some Melodies/Ideas/Steps and I can develop it a bit more.
Also like to use my Push Controller, not the iPad or so. Intelljel Metropolis is really nice and simple, like the Step Repeat-Function
But cant use it with the AK and dosnt make sense without any Modular things.

There’s a bunch of interesting M4L sequencers, but they generally don’t exploit the Push, unlike the stuff you find for monome. Would also love to see more that offer ratcheting/note repeat.

Michael Lancaster makes some pretty hardcore sequencers in Reaktor ( haven’t tried them myself though.

My advices :
Sugar Bytes Egoist

AIR Music Transfuser

enjoy & regards :sunglasses: