AF CV/Gate sequencing problem

Hi all!

First post here, I was skimming through all the CV topics but couldn’t find an issue similar to mine so taking a shot here…

I recently acquired an Analogue 4 mkI, I set up CV with my Minitaur and my O Coast without too much hassle, I get to play from the A4 keyboard on both machines and it works like a charm, however, the sequencer is not triggering any notes! Works ok on the synth tracks. Anybody had a similar issue?

Interestingly, I have changed gate polarity to “S trig” and it is sending signals this way, but obviously the voltage is a mess, it’s sort of usable with the O Coast - pretty much any weird set up works with it anyway, it’s amazing - but the Minitaur is just not usable. Any ideas as to why my sequencer is acting this way?


try reducing the default trig length on the track - if the gate is held open across successive steps it never trigs as the voltage doesn’t drop fast enough

s-trig is not the way to go (that’s for Korg etc)

test using Normal Gate settings and avoid successive steps initially, then reduce gate length if that was your issue

you need to provide more info on your settings cables etc if you want more forensics on what’s possibly wrong

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Thank you for the quick response ! I tried to change gate length but without much success, I guess I have to try that again and refine it because I probably didn’t spend enough time on that to be fair. I did try using only one trig though, I thought the same as you but still couldn’t get it to work.

I didn’t mention cabling as I got them both to track pitch and gate correctly through the keyboard, I’m no CV expert by any means, but could cables make a difference to the sequencing from the A4?

I use a 1/4 TRS split to 1/4 TS on the Minitaur and I add 1/4 to 1/8 adaptors on the O Coast and it’s worked well from day one.


If you were playing high pitch, then the pitch could appear like a gate too - so the cabling might seem ok, but if you played lower pitches, the gate would not be strong enough - if you are confident in the splitter actually splitting (the most common issue btw) then fine

Also check the CV track isn’t muted and that the CV signal is deriving its source for both pitch and gate from the CV track (sounds fine at moment)

Starting afresh can help - that way there are no unseen p-locks etc

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Interesting fact about high pitch/gate, didn’t know that!

Track is not muted, sound comes out fine, cable seem fine too, judging by keyboard tracking. If changing gate length still doesn’t work I’ll start fresh from an init patch and go from there.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll report back, might be of interest to some people!


Riiight! So I have resolved the problem; few things were just plain wrong:

  • as you suggested Avantronica the gate length was way too long, not all the notes were triggering as I wanted
  • also noticed that by default on that kit the whole track was transposed down 5 octaves so obviously on the Minitaur it was not audible, not sure why it was setup that way but yeah, kit parameters really affect the playability via CV as well
  • cables were also acting up by sending random triggers - the O Coast was just playing on its own when the sequencer was off - I bought the Elektron CV kit and haven’t had any problems since

Anyway thanks again for your invaluable knowledge, this machine is deep and I am barely scratching the surface! Happy days!


Having a problem getting started on my Analog Four MK 2 sending out CV to my Eurorack. First of all i assumed the A4 sequencer can send the same Pitch/notes out directly via A4 CV outputs on back to the Eurorack module Oscillators v/8ve inputs? or am I all wrong about that? do I just need the Eurorack sequencer to take the clock from the A4 and start from scratch with a sequence and tuning my Euro oscillators etc?
The A4 sequencer is playing only the first note of the sequence but thats all. Also, I am outputting the A5 Clock (out) to my Eurorack mult and distributing the clock out to different EG’s, VCA’s etc. Doesnt seem to be the same tempo as the A4 Sequencer…?? Or should I be using Gate or triggers out instead of clock? I dont get it - seems like it should work logically fine.

Yes, that’s correct. You need to configure one of the outputs to send ‘Pitch V/Oct’ signals in the AF’s Global settings.

If that’s what you want to do, you can use your eurorack sequencer instead of sending pitch CV information from the AF.

Have you configured the particular output of the AF to send CLOCK signals? It’s unusual to send clock to an envelope or VCA; normally you might send a GATE signal to an envelope module.

In general, send voltage to voltage inputs; send clock to clock inputs; send gate to gate inputs; send triggers to trigger inputs.

Perhaps familiarising yourself with some of those terms would be a useful first step. Then give us a specific example, naming modules, of what you want to do and we can help you more easily.


CV setting for Global Slot?
meaning (1),(2),(3),(4), referring to CV Outs A-B-C-D? no, thats not it…

Try reading section 12.6 “CV config” in the manual.

been reading before i asked the question. no help. And yes Ive been using eurorack for 4 years. I always mult the ‘Clock’ for example from Wogglebug etc. as source to 10 different outs, then use multipliers and dividers etc. to split to various Triggers and Gates. I have over 100 eurorack modules.

So what are you actually trying to do with the Analog Four and your modular gear? And how can we help?

yes, I want to use the A4 as master sequencer to just control eurorack at this point, until I integrate other Elektrons I have OT, MD, MNM.

I suggest that you let us know what specifically you want to do; for example “I want to send clock signals from AF CV output A to the clock input of Wogglebug” and then we can give you specific advice.

thanks, sorry a bit frustrated… should work but doesnt. Its not that hard. Must be one stupid wrong setting somewhere in the CV config.

(Part of my setup)


Open Global Menu, scroll down to CV Config.
This is where you configure the 4 outputs.
Then use CV Track for sequencing.

The 4 Global Slots offer four different configurations.
If it says Global Slot 1, you are on Slot 1 and all your stuff like set midi channels etc. are stored on this Slot.
Change to Slot 2 with arrow keys and you can set different midi channels or IIRC anything else in the Global Menu.

What cv do you want to send? Clock, pitch cv, gate, trigger?

Btw, cv tutorial:


Great. Thanks Sch

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On A4, I am sending CV-A out to Gate in of Sputnik Quad Function EG to VCA of Tangle Quartet, Sending B Pitch out to Plaits v/Oct input.
CV-A and CV-B Config set as above…Playing A4 sequence, dont hear Plaits sound, only the A4 sequence sounds. My A4 sound is coming out of Main Outs, not 1-2-3-4 Track outs (not setup that way).

I found this video very useful for setting up CV when I first got my ARmk2, especially for setting the tuning.

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So your checklist for trouble-shooting is:


  • use a working cable to connect AF CV Out A to Sputnik “Pulse” input
  • use a working cable to connect AF CV Out B to Plaits “V/Oct” input
  • use a working cable to connect Sputnik Out to Tangle “Level” input
  • use a working cable to connect Plaits “Out” to Tangle “In”
  • use a working cable to connect Tangle “Output” to your monitoring system

In the AF’s GLOBAL > CV CONFIG menu:

  • in CV A config, set TYPE to be “GATE” and POLARITY to be “V-TRIG”
  • in CV B config, set TYPE to be “PITCH V/OCT”

Choose a track on the AF on which to sequence the modular; it makes sense to choose the CV track. Make the CV track the active track.

Choose the CV A parameter page (OSC1 button). It should appear like the CV (GATE) screenshot in Appendix C of the manual. The only parameter available is the track that will send gate signals to the CV A output: it should say “CV”, meaning “CV track”.

Choose the CV B parameter page (OSC2 button). It should appear like the CV (PITCH V/OCT) screenshot in Appendix C of the manual. There are tuning controls and again a parameter to select the track that will send pitch CV signals to the CV B output: following our example, it should say “CV”.

You can now program your sequence into the CV track, just as you would with any other track on the AF.

This should work. There may be some adjustments to make with trig length on the AF’s CV track, and on your modules (use sensible values), and maybe on other settings if they have been adjusted away from defaults.

Try it and let us know what happens.

So what is the audio output of your Tangle Quartet connected to?

What is the audio output of your AF connected to?

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