Hi. New in this part of the forum. I just sold my Moog sub 37 and bought an Analog Keys.
Already own A4 AR And and OT so not directly new on elektronauts.

You guys who own both AK and A4 how do you use them together. My first plan was to sell the A4 but i hate the thought of getting rid of a machine i really like.
So please, tips on why I should keep them both please :slight_smile:

8 voices is better than 4 :slight_smile:
If I were you, I would keep both for at least a while. Use A4 in monophonic and AK in polyphonic mode. Could be awesome!

This is why Elektron really needs to create a way to polychain the A4+AK together. The potential for 8 note analog poly would probably sell a lot of units…

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You could make a really simple multi map setting where you split the keyboard in two. Left hand plays the Analog Four in poly mode. Right hand is playing the Keys in poly mode. And they’re playing the exact same patch. This would almost become an Analog 8 poly Keys :slight_smile:


I have both and its heaven ! I never used poly-mode until now but that’s just because I love to make polyphonic constructions by running multiple monophonic lines. Having two sequencers is great to mix different chaines of patterns of both machines. It widens the depth of possible constructions immensly and it’s a joy to have 2X FX. There’s allso the advantage of having a track availeble for Kick’s only with less worrying about loosing a track. I usually use 1 track for Kick’s and 1 for percussinon, tho I don’t stick to 1 or another systhem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I just read the fantastic tip from Cuckoo - never touhgt of that - gonna try that one !!! :slight_smile:
I never have the feeling of overkill - probably because the sound -palette is very wide. I have to stop myself from wanting a third one AAAAA HH ! :sob: !!!
Playing the 4 from the K is a pleasure - I love the keyboard as it’s very light with a fast response. verything can be controlled from both units wich can be very handy.
If you have more detailed questions let me know :wink: But I’m far away from having explored all the possebilities >>> I’m still finding new ways of combinig these beauty’s after 2 years now :zonked: HAHA !!!

Thanx for this Idea Man !!!

It woud be nice if they did something. Im wondering if part of the reason is a concern over some of the functionality of the Elektron “wizzardry”. How would p-locking sounds work over poly chaining? They probably wouldn’t so you would be left with either a static use of a patch or, much cooler, Cuckoo’s suggestion (pad + 4 monos = heaven!). Maybe OB could be the solution to polychaining…