AK Encoder noise

Hey guys

I can hear the encoder knobs clicking through my monitors and headphones. Its not really that quiet. Easily heard when playing.

Is this normal?

Does anyone else have or have hear of this issue?


Never had this problem. and I don’t thik ist’s normal.
Do you have this porblem with all encoders ?
Dous it occur when you load a new Kit?
( just to be shure it’s not part of a sound )

Whats your setup ? Is the Ak connected with a pc via usb ? Could be that evil usb groundloop…
If its comming directly from the out of the AK, i assume something is wrong with your unit.

I have a similar problem, more so with my Ableton Push though, but only when I’m using USB to computer as whet said.

Thanks for responding guys, it was the USB for sure. I hope there is a fix or something for when overbrige come out.

mmm i think its a computer problem, not the elektron… can you try a different usb card?

Probably is not the case but once it happened to me, that encoders on the a4 was generating midi messages, and those midi messages was reaching another device, and even without affecting any on this device the simple fact of getting into was producing audible clicks on mi monitors.

Do you use an external audio interface?