AK in Ableton Live ...USB Midi stopped working

So I don’t get it, my AK was working fine as just a midi controller over USB in Ableton Live.

Now I am not seeing any midi signal at all in the little indicator on the top right of the screen in Live. The midi settings in preferences is still the same - it recognises when I unplug and plug in the AK, set to on for ‘track’ and remote, just no signal.

Also have the AK set to USB-midi only in Global Settings > System.

Same USB cable works fine with a Korg Microkey.

Try hooking the usb to another port. Try restarting computer. Try goi g into device manager and seeing if it’s being read.

Restart the keys, could be drivers, etc.

Yeah I tried those things before I posted. I’ve been thinking of doing a clean install of windows anyway so I’m going to do that. cheers though.

Tried different usb ports or a hub? I´ve had problems with Live recognising usb midi controllers in the past. Sometimes closing Live, switching the controller off/on and restarting Live worked, sometimes though, Live wouldn´t recognize the controller even after several attempts.

Yeah tried that. I actually switched the same USB cable from the AK to a Korg Microkey and it worked no worries. Come to think of the only that changed was the update from Live 10 to 10.1.

Anyway I’m just backing up the stuff I need and doing a clean install of Windows and just the programs I need, I’ve collected tons of programs I don’t use anymore.

I don’t know what I am missing here, I still can’t get a midi signal out of the AK over USB. I know it was working because I was using it as a midi keyboard until I get some audio cables but one day it just wasn’t working anymore.

Live recognises when I plug in or remove the AK usb cord but no signal in the little activity indicator when I press a key. (i.e. it appears or disappears in the midi ports list).
The same cord works with a Korg Microkey.
Tried different cable and USB ports
I did a clean install of Windows 10 Focusrite Clarett 2pre USB and Ableton Live 10.1
Tried to roll back the AK’s OS by one version but C6 can’t send the .syx file to it.

How does the AK’s GLOBAL/MIDI Config screen look?

= USB?

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oh that’s it! thanks, Legend. You’ve solved it. :+1::+1::+1:

It was set to just MIDI so I changed it to MIDI+USB and it worked (of course).

I think when I looked at that menu originally I pressed Yes/Save to enter as if there was a further sub menu and nothing happened rather than change the value with the left and right arrows. I know the difference now haha.

I was just reading this thread and was going to question exactly the same thing.

What’s the midi out set to.