AK: unidentified subharmonic pattern (issue)

Hi, I have a weird issue. One of my sounds behaves as follows: when I play a low note on the keyboard, followed by a higher note (say, two octaves higher) the higher note has some very low end “thump” added, but not EVERY note. There’s a specific pattern: if I hit one low note, and then a series of (the same) high notes, the 4th of the high notes gets the “thump”. Play two low notes in a row, the 3rd and 4th high notes get it. Play 3 low notes, it’s high note 2, 3 and 4. Play 4 notes or more, it’s high note 1,2,3 and 4. I have no LFO’s engaged. Sequencer is not running. Only OSC1 does it. It doesn’t matter if the sub osc is engaged (but it makes things worse). No PWM. I have absolutely no clue what to look for. Any ideas?

This is a wild guess (I don’t have an Analog Keys) but do you have glide on? It almost makes sense to me if I think about the fact that you have four voices. You’re moving n number of voices down in each scenario and the maximum is 4.

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Ah, you put me on the right track, thanks! No glide, or portamento, but I changed the voice allocation from “rotate” to “reassign” and the “thump” is gone. I still would like to understand where that thump originates from… I remember that I had set voice allocation to “rotate” on purpose, but I can’t remember what the reason was :frowning: , maybe some sequences will mess up, we’ll see…


Do you have a high pass filter with resonance on the track that’s accentuating some of the lower notes?


Yes, definitely, there’s peak filter with resonance on the track, good analysis. But how would this explain that some notes get the resonance bump, and some others don’t and in a very defined pattern, due to the rotating voice allocation? Would that mean that the filter settings aren’t following the rotation correctly? That’s weird.

The theory that I had was that you’re only getting the effect on the voices that you have moved down. There is a specific order for use, I’m guessing (hence the pattern). The filter and res bump is working on all of the voices just fine but only the ones transitioning up from a low note hit it.

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Maybe it’s the analog soul escaping the tight grip of the digital control for a short while^^

I’m gonna check if mine does smt similar.

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