Album in a day/Sputnik Viper

Hey all, I created this album in a day while traveling. Had a day off all alone in a hotel room and challenged myself to record an entire album in a day with just the OT and A4 with an iPad. All mixing done in the Octatrack, straight to an H4 recorder. Did a little mastering in logic really quick. Gear used:
Analog 4
Ipad (Mellotron/Dm4/Oberheim)
Zoom H4
Mastered with Izotope Ozone.
Thanks for listening.

always enjoyed your youtube uploads, some great stuff especially love the 909 + a4 video :smiley:

will give this a listen for sure. Cheers!

Thanks man, yeah I wanna get back to doing some videos, so much fun. Cheers.