ALL of the plug-ins

Hi everybody - i am very interested to see a list of ALL of your plugins and then maybe thoughts/experience with those that you use all the time, a lot, and/or just love. Maybe a bit about one or more you used to use all the time but moved on from etc. Whateva!

I recently took inventory because i found myself almost purchasing one i already own. I also thought my own list would be helpful if i was thinking of buying any new ones…like “i already own 3 SSL buss compressors, so maybe im good?” etc

So if you are interested, lay it down here.


TAL dac (Love, use it a lot)
IK Black 76 limiter (Love, use it maybe too much?)
Waves Puigchild Compressor (like and use it medium)
Waves Scheps 73 (I do believe I like Logics built in better)
Soundtoys little altar boy (The only pitch correction i own and i use it for the fx aspect)
Klanghelm DC8C compressor (Like it, use it a bit)
Klanghelm IVGI (saturation, haven’t really used it)
Arturia plate 140 reverb (falling out of use but i think i like it)
TAL reverb (Like it, use it more and more)

Izotope neutron (dont use)
Izotope stutter edit (tried but unwilling at this point to learn it)
Izotope nectar (Dont use)
Newfangled Saturate (like, sort of use, but doesnt run well for me)
NI stuff (Generally do not use)
Izotope 9 elements (I use it often so far but with light touch)
Eventide quadravox (dont use)

Logic pro built in i use:
Vintage compressors (love, Almost always use)
Vintage EQs (Love and almost always use)
Step FX (love it, use it a lot)

EXS24 (love the pianos and use them all the time)

Synthmaster (ikinda like it but usually dont use it)
Arturia pigments (visually and conceptually really like it, but ultimately dont use it)
Dexed (Like it, use it a little)
vacuum pro (don’t use)
Native instruments stuff (dont use)

usually on every track:

NI Replika (not XT)
NI Solid Bus Comp
Valhalla VintageVerb
FabFilter Simplon
Tracktion/Waveform built-in: 4 band EQ
a bit of LoudMax on busses

more or less everything I have. I don’t use VST instruments

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  • Fabfilter stuff (good, though honestly a bit overrated and stock stuff is just fine)
  • Soundtoys (whole bundle, but the only ones that get regular use are echoboy Jr. (the regular echoboy just has too many parameters), panman (i put this on basically everything that shouldn’t be up the center), littleplate and phasemistress (…i put this on basically everything that shouldn’t be up the center lol). I know it’s sacrilegious to not use the Decapitator as much as I should but oh well.
  • Waves Scheps Omni Channel I put on 90% of tracks. I get some preamp saturation out of it and some colorful EQing and compressing, too. It’s De-essing is super intuitive as well.
  • Valhalla Vintage Verb goes on a lot of things.
  • Waves H-Delay when I want something even simpler and quicker than the echoboy Jr.

As for soft synths I use all the Arturia stuff fairly frequently, and Serum when I want to quickly design a sound I hear in my head.


I’m not using DAWs anymore, apart from for, I guess some sort of slightly condensed stem mixing.

So, I have all of the Eventide h9 pedal stuff, apart from the new one, Shimmer Verb. They gave me one for free by accident when I asked for a trial…

The DMG Audio stuff for EQ/Dynamics. Mainly Equilibrium _ TrackComp2

Then that main folder, Modular being Softube Modular, I have all the Mutables stuff and the 4ms Pingable EG. Most of those are distortion or eq, in fact they all are apart from 1 reverb, Bx rooms and Elysia Transient Designer, but that’s an EQ too.

There’s no way I’d use a fraction of that on every track. Oh yeah, I got Reason Lite for free too, which actually sounds so much better than you think Scream is not bad at all.

I own quite a bit more than that, but it’s a pain to selll it.


I’ve been getting back in the box more and more recently, but still currently use various Elektron gear, a Roland JU-06A and a Nord Lead for sounds.

Stuff I use on near enough every channel in roughly this order:
Ableton EQ Eight
Ableton Redux
Ableton Saturator
Ableton Auto Filter
Ableton Compressor
Ableton EQ Eight Sugar

On the Sends:
Audio Damage EOS 2
Ableton Echo
Audio Damage QuatroMod (for its Fluid chorus)

On the Master:
Ableton Utility
Ableton EQ Eight
Ableton Redux
Ableton Saturator
Ableton Glue Compressor
Ableton EQ Eight
iZotope Vinyl Sugar
Waves Factory Cassette
Audio Damage EOS 2
Max for Live Color Limiter

Instruments (occasionally):
Ableton Analog
Ableton Operator
Ableton Tension
Ableton Simpler/Sampler
Ableton Wavetable
Max for Live Granulator ii
Max for Live Poli


Never heard of Poli … also seen there is a Phatty and a Kick synth in the Max Essentials kit - I guess I should look into those! Paid for it!

At the moment my go to plugins are:

Ableton‘s basic toolkit like EQ8, Erosion, Saturator, Drum Buss (a lot!), compressor

Captain Chord Toolkit (yeah still lazy)


Nice. Poli (and Color Limiter) is in this free pack:

It’s basically a Juno rip off with three types of set chorus. Sounds lovely to my ears :slightly_smiling_face:


I pretty much only use FabFilter Pro-Q 3, TDR Feedback Compressor, and Valhalla Room; although I just started using Valhalla Supermassive and that’s probably going to be a go-to.

Wish I liked Ableton so I could use all their cool stock stuff…

@samvanlan that TAL-sampler seems pretty great, will have to demo that and see if it sounds like the old Akai I have.


The Valhalla stuff is excellent, all of it. Easily the best price to performance, no competition there. Plates just sounds incredible, even next to the other ones.

TBH, I’m considering UAD as the latency won’t affect me anymore. The Quad Satellites can be picked up for just over £500 new. I listened to a lot of their sound demos and 99% of what I heard definitely sounds like a cut above a lot of native stuff. The ‘effect component’ of the sound just seemed to be that extra bit, idk, more ‘real’ sounding. Worth a listen on their site.

Plus, there’s a lot of stuff on there like the OTO Biscuit that must sound amazing in use, the Softube one itself is really good. Moog stuff, UBK Fatso, Distressor etc etc. I’m also told, every time you buy any plug in at any discount, all of the 14 day demos are reset…


not gonna list all of them, just the ones i use most often

fabfilter q, l, mb, r and saturn
valhalla reverbs (mostly room and vintage) and delay
khs multipass, transient shaper, faturator and disperser
reason’s grain and europa

plus stock stuff in ableton and bitiwg


Bought the Acustica Erin for mastering duties and have barely touched any other plug-ins since. It just sounds so good, but has a tendency to inflate problems in the mix… maybe that’s a good thing?


Alright! Lots of interesting things here. I hadnt heard about acustica erin-looks fun.

Damn on all the fabfilter love - i want but at way cheaper price:)

Valhalla: will try their free stuff.

@kbit if you can download and add the hollowsun library. Those samples are what make it for me. All the classic synths in there. The moogs, rhodes, yamahas, arp are all incredible. To my ear, there is no tonal dropoff between tal and the hardwarer i own (rytm, rev2 thru heat).

Ps: love the hardware-first mentality of elektronauts. I thought my plugin list would be small compared to others but now it seems very untrue!

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fabfilter to clean things up, soundtoys to make em dirty, reverbs from exponential audio and hofa


each & every old (LV2) Harrison plugin
OverToneDSP plugins
that’s all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Only the plug-ins I use the most:
Mostly Ableton stock
Valhalla Delay
NI Raum
Arturia plate reverb
TAL chorus

NI Blocks
NI Super 8
Madrona Labs Kaivo

Youlean Meter
Voxengo Span


Stock-taking, eh? I sold a few last year, and deleted various irritating, unused freebies. Very happy with the plug-in folder these days:

Reason is the big one - it includes all of the Suite devices, plus a few REs (Synapse bundle, Inphonik stuff, PX7 and Kuassa’s Matchlock amp sim).

Absolutely love TAL-Sampler too.


+1 on native ableton plugins . I’ve come to learn I can get most stuff done with suite’s stock plugs. Whenever I get plug-in gas I stop to think can I already do this , especially with making a rack etc.

Of the plugs I have that are go to outside of Live are:
RC 20 retro colour
Vulf Compressor
Valahalla vintage verb
RX7 - for sample isolation and clean up

Always been disappointed with expensive comp or channel emulations
. Get sucked in with the marketing blurb and pretty UI’s.

I’m more of a sound mangler than refiner though so they are probably lost on me .


I use:
Logic Pro:
Vintage Compressors
Vintage EQ
Ohm Force - Fromahge
Lindell - 6X-500 (CM edition)
I’m learning Izotope:
Neutron 3
Ozone 9
Tonal Balance Control 2 and other stuff in the Izotope sweet.
I think I’m quite minimal when it comes to plug-ins (I definitely was before I invested in the Izotope Tonal Balance sweet).

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after almost a decade without it, reason was one of the best purchases of this years for me


The Softube channel strips are probably the best ones imo. I’m pretty sure it’s not the 2500 comp though.


I remember using 4 and 5 quite a long time ago, but like I said, I was surprised at how good it sounded when I got the lite version a few weeks ago.

People should at least have a lookat the DMG audio stuff, the de-esser is great, you can set the affected area anywhere, with a really steep filter, 96db and >, it can you just clean the mud from around 300ish like a eq never could. Dom (Dom & Roland) had a lot of input on their design.