Allen and Heath Xone 4D with Digi x2

Hey everyone

So unfortunately I managed to spill a full cup of tea straight in to my djm 800 mixer yesterday soaking it plus one of the decks and a tb03 in the process aswell ,the mixer took most of the soakage. I have taken the mixer apart and it’s currently drying or dieing in the hot press at present so fingers crossed it comes out of their in working order in a few days anyway I have it a good ten years and it has been well and truly giged it’s been at nearly every club night in Dublin and festival in Ireland over the years but was still in good nick and I have got my money’s worth out of it.i have always taught about upgrading over the years but as everything worked and I was in no hurry to spend a few thousand any way I seen a zone 4d going cheap and wondered has anyone used this in conjunction with the DT DN or any other hardware and if so how did you find it I know the mixer is more geared toward using Ableton but it could be a nice hybrid mixer to switch between digi,s and records

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Any input on my original question tho ?

Never used it but looking at it id prefer one of AH other mixers. Xone PX5, Xone 96, DB4 etc. They will work with digi or vinyl/ timecode/traktor

Cool cheers for the reply, I was only entertaining the taught of the 4d as it’s going cheap and just wanted to see had anyone else used it with their digis

I recently acquired a 4D, and as a hybrid mixer with Ableton and Traktor it’s still awesome. One thing I was hoping to do was use it to control the OT standalone, but there’s no way to change the MIDI assignments on the device. If you used a laptop, there are ways to reroute everything, but I’m not aware of any standalone devices that will do that. Maybe something like an arduino-based device or a raspberry pi could.


There’s a guy called Dave Mech who uses a DB4 with a 2xDT + 1xDN setup. You can easily find him on YouTube. Here’s one video in particular that might interest you:

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Cheers for the vid I have checked out Dave’s videos before.which are great i was really looking for people using the zone 4d with electron devices , as the extra faders and pots would be handy for using instead of page hoping on the DT and DN through midi. I wanted to see if each channel and pot could be assigned through midi

Mate what you need is a Bomebox. This is how you can make the midi assigments work - i know it work between an octatrack and a xone 4d. I have the xone 4 d, great sound, great build, a tone of controls, you need the bomebox or a computer to make the best out of it´s controller section



AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

Sound, thanks

Apologies, Sox, but I misread the model number. Still, Daves videos are certainly an inspiration.

no worries man thanks for the help tho

No problem guys. Before you commit to the bomebox there is a software program - midi translator - that does the same thing as a box, but in the computer. You guys can test the connections there :slight_smile:

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did you find an easy way to use MIDI from 4d to Devices ?

Yes i am using my 4d to control the groups in maschine +. I didn´t buy the bomebox, but the blokas midihub. its really good and easy to work with.
In my maschine + i dont need to change the cc numbers, but the midi hub can do that and much more :slight_smile:

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