Allen & heath xone db4, xone k2 via x:link issue


1 question…

Sooo, i am working with a xone db4 and k2 for extended looping controls, and absolutely love it!!! But here is 1 thing i would like to change. If I use the delay effect on my db4 i would like to control the delay time with a knob on the k2, so let say that i want to use the effect control 2 knob on my xone k2 … if i use this on the mixer i dont really like to control it that way because of the steps of the rotary encoder… so the question is actually if it’s possible to link that parameter to the xone k2 that is connected via x:link. is it possible to map these parameters to your xone k2 via the x:link?? This would be really great for me, hope you can help me out. I absolutely find no answer online or in the manual… :slight_smile:

so is it possible to send midi cc value from the db4 (cc 117, effect encoder 2) via x:link to control that parameter on the k2, but without computer. I don’t really understand how you can send or change midi cc numbers… or do you have to configure this first on the computer?

hope someone can help me out… other fb groups from db4 and other xone mixers are not really active and helpfull.

thanks in progress


I do not believe that is possible, just have the K2, the loopers are fantastic!! Never need to use the Octatrack for transition tricks anymore!

figured out by now its not possible indeed… they are both (k2 and db4) capable of sending midi, but not recieving it.

aaah well, it still is the best way to play for me :slight_smile:
that mixer is absolutelu amazing :wink:

thanks for reply