Am I thinking about this right ? (using octatrack as drum machine or DT and connecting mono synth ) record songs and perform

So I’m in the process of getting a cheap octatrack and wondering if my set up is going to work ok to do what I want . I’m also looking at the Digitakt for the same but not sure which one will do me justice .

I wanna use each individual track as it’s own instrument ( ie: T1 -kick , T2 -snare, T3-hats, T4-claps T5-samples and then input notes for another designated track to sequence my mono synth ( ms-20 or toraiz as1) is there a problem with this kind of set up ?

I think I confuse myself when I read that the octatrack has 8midi and audio tracks or are those essentially the tracks complete capability ?
Im trying to move away from a daw at the moment ( computer blew up :sob:) and need to be making music ( I like the idea that the octatrack can record )

Or do I just buy an mpc one :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

this works with both Octatrack or Digitakt
No problems


OT and DT both habe 8 audio AND 8 MIDI tracks. So as @Unifono said, there is no problem.

DT is more immediate and easier to use. But it comes with limits like mono samples and short samples (I think it‘s 33 sec max). OT has stereo samples and can handle samples up to about 8 minutes. You can also slice samples. It has tons of other functions and can be a lot of different machines. However, that comes with a steeper learning curve and less immediacy.

Maybe you first learn more about the workflow of DT, OT and maybe an MPC or SP 404 MK2. These machines work very differently and all have their pros and cons. There’s lots of videos that will give you an impression. But better go for tutorial/overview videos than demos of pro users playing them live, they will likely make you want everything you see. You could then maybe buy a used unit to see what suits you and then resell if it doesn’t.

OT sounds like it could be good for your task. But maybe it’s not the best Elektron box to start with. However, it is not as hard to learn as is often claimed - if you know exactly what you want to do with it and learn that first. So maybe you first check out some OT videos by EZBOT on Youtube and see if you like what you see.


24 tracks.
8 audio available all the time, to play back any source.
8 sampling tracks available all the time, to sample any source.
8 midi tracks, available all the time, to send midi to any source.


If you’ll be sequencing other synths from this device, it’s worth noting that the OT has a really sweet arpeggiator. The DT has keyboard folding which is nice if you prefer playing by hand but the OT’s arp designer is a whole performance instrument of its own.

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That’s a bit confusing imo. OT has 8 audio tracks and 8 MIDI tracks. However, you can decide what each of the audio tracks does. It can e.g. play incoming audio from an external synth, play a sample or just add more effects to another track. But you will never get more than 8 audio tracks (7 if you want to use a master track that e.g. has compression on it).

Oh and it’s good to know that the MIDI sequencers of both OT and DT can only send four notes per track max. So if you’re planning to sequence big chords, they’re not ideal.

In reference to the sequencer of the octatrack sequencing out to the hardware synth , you mean it can only do one measure ( 16 notes per sequence , one single note per frog ? ) if I’m not mistaken it’s a lot like the model samples ? I’ve owned a model samples and broke it but I m pretty sure it sequences the same way , minus all the nitty and gritty details of the octatrack.

Also how do I record a final track ? Do I need to get a digital recorder ? I’ve looked at some cool ones by boss from the early 2000s for $100 but I’d like to not have to get one as I like to keep minimal

it happens that this discussed in a parallel thread

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Not sure what you mean by your description. MIDI sequencer has 8 tracks. You can set each of the 8 tracks to send MIDI data (including arp) on a dedicated channel. Each of these MIDI tracks runs through the Elektron sequencer that you know from model samples. You can record up to 64 steps. Each step can send max 4 notes on the MIDI channel you set the track to.

As for recording: there are tons of options. You have two main outputs on OT and two cue outputs. You can decide whether a track is sent to cue out or main out. You can connect the cables from these outputs to any recording device and record it. That can be a recorder, mixer or an interface hooked up to a PC/Mac with a DAW.

I never said you will.
Its worth noting the 8 audio tracks, 8 midi tracks and 8 recorder tracks are completelly seperate from each other.

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I know you didn’t say that, but as OP was already confused about the number of available tracks, it was useful to clarify. Your info is a good and important one, don’t get me wrong.

Furthermore, OT can QUANTIZE to a note without using the ARP.

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