Amiga Soundtracker Samples on Digitakt

so i’ve been making use of these samples quite a lot in my renoise work, but would like to start using them on the elektron digitakt. the problem is that the digitakt has no option to turn off interpolation, so every sound is heavily filtered when played at its “normal” speed.

is there any way i could say, batch process and resample each .wav to be 16bit and 44.1hz while also keeping each samples original playback speed and aliasing? i’ve seen links to a 16 bit version of the pack around, but the mediafire link is dead so i’m not sure if this is what i would be looking for. are there any pieces of software that would be able to process these samples like this?


I threw these on my rytm and the Amiga sound source disk on my OT !

DT is basically protracker anyways do it up !

i’m just looking for a way to retain the original crunchy sound of the samples, as opposed to the filtering you get when transposing them on the digitakt

Just sample them in over USB while playing them in your DAW or whatever, catch the audio. Don’t know how many there are though so maybe not viable.

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Here’s an album that involved some of my friends making new tunes for the Amiga using the ST-XX samples loaded into the Amiga , definantly listen to goto80’s track he’s legendary!


And here’s one of the best full Amiga mixtape made by 4mat Mixed on an Amiga , get you guys in the Amiga groove … “ONLY THE AMIGAAAAAA, CAN MAKE IT POSSIBLE ! “

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Sox is the most straightforward tool for converting raw 8-bit or 8SVX IFF format Amiga samples to 16-bitt/44.1kHz WAV files. Keep in mind that you might need to play around with the upsampling parameters to get the correct target pitch.

For example, drums were often sampled at higher rates (D# or F instead of C in the highest octave of whatever tracker was used) to make them sound a bit less dull. Chromatic sounds are often at C (but not always) which means they’re 16726 or 8363 Hz depending on how far up or down whoever sampled them wanted to play them (or how much memory they had available ;)).

Amiga didn’t need file extensions to recognise file types, so you can’t know whether a file is in raw or 8SVX IFF format without looking into it. A lot of people assume all Amiga samples are raw which is why you often hear a sharp blip at the beginning of converted Amiga samples; that’s actually the 8SVX IFF header and not sample data that should have been converted.

This is all to say that automatic batch conversion might not give you the results you’re looking for; for best results you’ll need to do this manually, or in groups of similar samples and then check the result.

… and, btw: the Digitakt wants 16 bit / 48kHz wavs … 44.1kHz is for the Octatrack. :wink:

Hi ! Thanks for the samples pack ! I’ve been a huge fan of the Amiga for… Well… A few decades, and still listen to Amiga protracker modules regularly !

There is still a nice scene around this machine : games, demos, FPGA recreations, “modern” OSes, etc. Check out some recent Amiga demos on Youtube, like Eon by the Black Lotus (amazing A500 demos) or The Fall !

Will I be able to use those samples on my (incoming) model:samples ? Would be great !

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