Amp envelope not working

Hi fellow Elektronauts,

I am going through a process of setting up the basic tracks of my bands album for live performance.
Therefore I have a lot of stems that I put together with OctaChainer.

Now, I don´t play the stems from start to end but try to use the Octatracks synth functions for kind of live remix.
Example: I have a bass line that is 4-8 bars long and changes only soundwise over the track (filter, res, etc.).
Now I want to control the length of these stems with the envelope plocked and on one of them. I must be doing something wrong, because it will not stop after 16 steps on the hold parameter. Release is near zero.

It works on other samples and it stops them at the right point. I know that scenes overwrite plocks but there are no parameters in this actual pattern/scene interfering with the envelope.
I experimented (desperately) with the env modes, but analog should work, right.
One sample on beat one of the track, shall start and stop, no trigless trigs involved.
It starts but does not stop (well, it stops when the sample is at it´s end but not due through the env).

Any hint would be greatly appreciated. Thank´s in advance.

Best Mario

Ahh…I think I learned something that is not really obvious.
Scenes override…hm…don´t know the right term.
Plocks, but page-wise, right?

As soon as I have 1 parameter bound to a scene that is active, all parameters of the respective page are no more active.

Can someone confirm this as it took me quite a while and maybe could be helpful for someone in a similar situation.

Thank´s forum. :smiley:

Hey there, have you downloaded the manual? It’s good to have around. Check out section 10.3 of the manual: Scenes

When moving the crossfader, locked scene parameters have priority over parameter locks.
This ensures smooth transitions between scene parameters without the sudden changes
that might be caused by parameter locks.

Does that answer the question?

Sadly not. But thanks for trying to help.
I just want a sample to stop playing at a given point. I know how to do this and it worked in the past. So I must be doing something wrong.
I know about scenes/plocks and override.
This is not the case here. So I am searching for a different answer. My first try were the env modes, but I was pretty sure it was not that.
It did not change anything either.
Thanks anyway. I will investigate further an post if I find a solution. :wink:

Have you tried LFO?

I achieve that with setting/P-Locking the length.

To clarify your scene confusion: in case your scene changes the sustain of the envelope, P-Locked sustain is ignored.

No. It should work with the envelope, right?
I know I can use lfos as env, but not in this case.

This is on the source menue. As I am using slices I have to set this to slice lenght, right?
I wanted to use the envelope to avoid a click at the end with a little release.

That is what drives me crazy. There is no scene involved on this track, so the sustain (hold, right?) should work?

Thank’s all for trying to help. :smiley:

Maybe you have Length switched on / adjusted for that track?

It’s not a feature I use much and do t have OT here but it definitely affects how hold and release work.

I do what you describe -with hold and a short release like you - but more recently I use a green plock (I know I should use the right term there but no time to access manual rn!) to bring the volume down to zero at a particular point using micro timing. If that’s too abrupt I slide to it from the step before

I got into doing it that way because I’m also doing the opposite - sometimes trigging a sample silently then bringing it up in volume at a particular point, which you can’t do with attack.

And why did I start doing that?! (In case it’s helpful) To recreate track muting ‘performances’ which the arranger can’t help with because those are ‘event’ mutes

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@TheWhistler does it work if you change the sample in the sample slot ? (probably useless check but Attributes Play Quantize can change Hold behavior)

Does it work in an another bank ? (default part)

As mentionned, apart from scenes and lfos than can override plocked settings, I don’t see an explanation yet. But there’s one.

Particular scale settings ? (not sure if it changes Hold time duration).

(You can disable scenes with Function + Scene A/B press.)

:flushed: :flushed: :flushed: :flushed: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:
It works now. I swear it did not yesterday. Whatever I tried did not stop the sample at the right point.
Now it does.

Sorry for being dumb. :grimacing: :pensive:

Can this be an octatrack quirk? Some kind of seldom, random bug?
I am relatively new to the octatrack but I´m a long time DT, DN, A4 user and the Elektron workflow is quite common to me.

Thank you for all the hints you have given to me. :smiley: :+1:t2:
I keep this thread a note to reference when something like this would happen again.
So I have suggestions where to look at and maybe someone else is in a similar situation.

But while we´re at it. I do not realy understand the relation of plocks/scenes/lfos.
What is hierarchy? It follows a direction (scenes to lfos to plocks ?)
Is this valid on a per page basis?
I really RTFM believe me. I did this before I even bought the Octa.
I can not find anything about this. Same goes for the Octatrack notebook by SynthDawg (which is excellent BTW).

Thank you and let me tell you that all of you are very friendly and helpful people.
This is not so often in forums. :hugs:

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I can’t say for sure. But I think that’s correct.

Lfos, scenes, plocks, track parameters.

User error ? :content:

There are some bugs, but you can reproduce them AFAIK.

Most likely. :wink:

Thank you so much for clearing this.
I heard about you being kind of a reference for the octatrack :+1:

So that means lfos even override scenes?
Is this parameter wise?

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It’s all about parameters !

If you have an lfo, it will be applied whatever the parameter value is, even if it’s plocked, or scene locked.
Relative behavior, not absolute.
So I’m not sure if the term override is suiting this behavior.

Interpolation? Maybe? Like in a big mod-matrix?
But parameter-wise. That’s a very useful information.

Btw. I had the same strange behavior right now.
In SRC-setup page, LEN-parameter flicking from
Slic to Time and back seemed to have it cured.

It should influences slice length, not Hold time. Did you change LEN value in SRC page ?

In LEN/SLICE mode, LEN value is a number of slices played (4 slices for instance). In your case you’d want to play only 1 slice, then set LEN to 1.

In LEN/TIME mode you set the number of 1/128th divisions. 128 is full slice length, 64 is half, 1 is 1/128th.

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Hey thank’s for all the information. Will try all off this tomorrow. :wink:

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Just for the record, I have overlooked that the release MUST be shortened to have any effect on stopong a sample when plocking the hold time. Long release means…well, long release.
So this was the error I made.
Embarrassingly obvious.

Besides that I had some scene errors.
Still, I have learned a LOT by having the chance to ask all this and get feedback on my questions.
Thanks a lot. :smiley: