(Amp): lets talk envelopes please

Lets talk the Envelopes please.
my concern is mainly the one in the AMP section. Personally i´m refering here to the Attack and Decay stage but NOT the hold stage:

so up front release in so many occasions the crowd here was refering to that th DT is a Drumsampler / Drummachine.

The AMP Envelope is NOT reflecting this ! ( Attack and Decay )
thats my opinion
Whats yours on that matter ? please post your satisfaction or dissatisfaction

my Dissatisfaction and further thoughts:
everything in the “more percussive area” has to little of a sweet spot respectivly is it too fiddly to maneuver around in the subtleness of the settings,
while a real subtleness is never given.
Yes, i can get there, but allways just feels so “lala”…no further playground to hover around a sweetspot.
(again: refering to Attack and Decay )

I find the ENV setup to be tailored for “all kind of uses”,
while the DT on the other side shows in many other aspects that it was more tailored towards the use in the drum and percussions area n the whole.
while the ENV settup would be one of the most important aspects here.

look, doing percussive stuff, tiny bits of a adjustment can make quite a difference and can be important for optimising ones sounds,
while i´d say if one wants to have long going samples the subtelness of a setting is much less important.

i use mostly 1/16 in the lenght parameter page which is quite small.
I have not experimented here that much, but the DT felt definitly much less optimized than my old OT in the whole ( lenght setting and ENV setting together )

should be rethought and reworked.
my opinion

( yes, its a wish for the wishlist. but i think important enough to see what “experienced” users think on that matter. )

P.S. i also work here with 1, 2 and 4 Bar long running samples.
i make the main adjsutment then with the hold stage.
i don´t see a loss if the attack and Decay stage would be more tailored towards the more percussive work


Something more akin to Bilbao in Korg Gadget? I love how it handles the envelopes, it does lack “attack” though which obviously is needed as well

that’s nifty, you could go a step further and show the actual attenuation

in that example the overlay of the envelope gives the impression that it’s going to clip the wave into that shape vs attenuate it, some people might want the view of the whole wave so maybe an option in settings too

lets keep those devs busy! lol

You’re 100% right. The envelopes are in no way optimised for drum processing. Envelope micro tuning is essential for creating drum sounds.

Thanks !

envelopes and their subtleties is probably one of the most underrated things in the whole synth business, if not THE most underrated.

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Sonic Labs new video from 17.7.17 / from min 2:05

“It is designed to be a drummachine, rather than a full fledged sampler such as the Octatrack…”

so, please @Elektron HQ:
give the Envelopes some rework please !

they are setup as the machine would have been made for ambient people.
its terrible unsubtle to adjust on Drums and Percussion in the area where it counts.

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ufuI1zYHR0
thread here: New Video - Sonic State Sonic LAB: With Cenk

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would be nice, i requested log/expo curves in the feature request thread

True stuff, being able to raise and lower the volume of “hold” would allow for more flexibility with percussion getting a good snap, body, and then air behind it. Attack, height adjustable hold, and decay. An onboard compressor combined with resampling would work wonders to the amps flexibility too…

Not minimizing the need for very precise envelopes but… can’t you get there or closer by sacrificing the LFO ?


edit: I rambled, He’s got a point for real LFO’s work wonders and here’s a screenshot of one example for a snappy snare


Note : try with Distortion as destination as well :slight_smile:


i personally want to p-lock my Envelopes precisely on the fly.
one LFO is not enough for me to use it to “adjust” some subtleties other if i want to adjust one sound super precisely only for resampling purposes.
looking this way to it, thats indeed a useful tip for such a situation LyingDalai.

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yeah, the more i look at it, the more i think that the log/exp behave needs an optimisation also.
probably even much more.

The same complaint is also available for the AR in my opinion, and even more as it IS a drum machine.

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cool way of describing it

I’d love some pitch envelope control as well. Although if we can re-route the midi internally we can simply use an lfo

Digi & Rytm could REALLY benefit from a selection of envelope shapes like the A4/Keys!

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yeah exp decay envelopes would be fantastic