An Update Elektron will never make!

My life is in mephorical ruin, I made one step closer to bankruptcy today but I am so glad that after running around all day trying to keep up and rebuild my life I can sit down, press power and beautiful sounds come out of my 3 Elektron machines. Sounds that I made, they are no one’s presets, no one’s latest drops and they are not meant to top any charts. They are sounds that epitomize electrical waves and envelope the mind.

As I look at my ironically named dark trinity I wonder if darkness will consume us all, it is impossible for me to find anything that’s not fueled by hate. Which is why it’s so rewarding to press power and hear sounds without powering up something that has some forced social angle or some angst filled motive promoting more war and conflict or someone telling me my car is not fast enough, my muscles aren’t strong enough and my wife is not hot enough.

This all sounds pretty weird to most of you but buying and learning Elektron gear has filled me with purpose. Most of you are not happy with one thing or another and the forum is filled with it. I guess my needs are completely different as I haven’t even updated some of my gear to the latest OS or found anything to not be happy with. But I am just thankful to the guys behind these machines. And I want to say thank Elektron. Internet etiquette be damned. These machines changed what it means to make music and most of all changed what it means to make beautiful music. And I don’t even know what a keyboard is or how a guitar looks like.

So that’s it. Why I made this weird topic that is going to make me wake up in embarrassment and regret half of my life? I don’t know, I guess it’s for a random reader who will stumble across this and see a bigger picture. And also because I think money is not a proper way to thank the designers. I was doing a job I hate, to pay for shit I don’t need so technically the money that went to Elektron wasn’t even mine. So how will they ever know that I am a happy customer?!

And now for the update…

Dear Elektron, please drop what you are doing! I urgently require another 2 arms! I am happy I got these 2, but I need 4 total. Please understand my need is more important then anything you are doing and I need this ASAP. I need to be able to control four machines or control 2 machines and do something else like reading the manual at the same time!

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Hi Rabbitfrog,

This was a very eloquent post and I’m so glad that in the midst of the difficulties that you can still take pleasure in making music.

Very best wishes to you and I hope that things will work out for you. Keep taking care of yourself.


it’s good to remember there’s more to life than the will of rupert murdoch and the koch brothers. thanks for an uplifting post.

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if you go bankrupt, be sure your machines are not on your name. It will be sad if they are taken from you to pay some bills.

No, the machines will never go. I decided to never sell them even. Most people I know say the bankruptcy was the best thing ever. It feels liberating. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need. I calculated my car lease would have costed me $50,000 over the next 4 years (includes gas, insurance an payments) in the end of the day I don’t even own it yet. And this $50,000 wouldn’t make me an ounce happier. If anything it added stress and uncertainty. It’s true what they said in “Fight Club” - we don’t own the things, the things own us.


Enjoy :joy:

Elektron can’t help you but maybe i can:
You’re welcome!


Elektron can’t help you but maybe i can:
You’re welcome![/quote]

Thinking 'bout extra hands? (see what i did there)

it’s not that you sell it, it is that you have to pay someone and you cannot pay it… they (bailiff) come to your house and take valuable things you own, to pay your bills.
As long as the equipment is not on your name, they (the bailiff) cannot take it.

It seems that if you don’t support sephirothschild/bauermusic-bananaskinsmoker and his pimped up lendrover with hyperinflation airbags, he’ll stop you from making money with your goods and services or else he won’t be able to live off the interest from those in debt and buy their goods and services by providing them the service of him being interest’ed in lending out non-existent worth to keep people interest’ed in debt to make them feel worthless enough to take the path of moral selfdestruction in the sin legalization laws and slavemorality he provided for them.

It’s actually more simple. You can get away with hiding all of your stuff and then simply say you sold it and then out of despair went to gamble away the money hoping for a jackpot. They won’t come looking for it. You can even sell your car to a friend and as long you can afford to pay for it later get away with driving it to buy it back.

The ONLY bad thing is loosing your home. I won’t have to go through that because I am an immigrant and the home was never fully on my name.

People I’ve told about this trembled in fear and flooded me with sorrow about my “situation” and I wasn’t able to get through to them.

Without this I am locked for years in debt, paying off the stuff I don’t really need, not being able to break away from it, not being able to do anything, not having time or energy to do what I enjoy and go every day into a place I loathe to make the money that’s leaving faster then I make it. Is that really better? Does that make me more of a successful person?

A lot of people I know ended up buying a home that’s more expensive then what they can afford, a car that’s more expensive to service and insure then they need and furniture and TVs that cost more together then their car. And then being forced to work more hours and have to refuse themselves simple pleasures.

That’s exactly how slavery worked in ancient Babylon. People wanted to own something and then not being able to afford it they voluntarily became slaves in order to pay that land or a loan off