Analog 4 as 'brain' for beginner(ish)

Gimme Digi!

Before buying in a rush please consider a “short” look into the Digitakt Feature Request Thread to see what people are missing (maybe you would miss these feature, too?). The thread is actually more than 2100 postings long :wink:

… and you can also take a look into the manuals of the various Elektron machines to get a feeling what they can do. Just head over the support section of

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I love my A4 and also have a BS2 but I also have a Circuit to Sequence my BS2.

Since the new BS2 update it’s possible to trigger the internal sequencer using the clock from another machine. And that will work with the A4. Using the Arp and Seq on the BS2 you can get some pretty cool stuff going without an external sequencer.

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You can? Wow that’s good to know. How do you use the A4 with BS2 , if at all? Because both are mono

What sort of songs or realm would i be in with DT and BS2? I don’t totally understand how the 8 tracks work. I could sample something and make some drones or maybe pad-lite? Then use BS2 for bass. I am probably overthinking it.

DT is probably best with a poly huh?

I recommend watching some videos or read some reviews that show what you can do with the DT, before buying anything.

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The Analog Four MKI is one of the best values going. The floor fell out of the market after the MKIIs were launched. This didn’t happen for the Rytm because it was pricier to begin with and there are fewer of them.

I think you should keep the Bass Station 2, though. It’s a good synth and not worth taking the hit by selling it and buying something else. Everyone needs a good monosynth! You should be able to create an EP of music with 1 Elektron and 1 other thing, that’s my philosophy.

But I think you should buy a Digitone. My rationale is as follows:

  • It sounds a lot like the A4.
  • The Digitone, like the A4, is a competent drum machine. With sound locks you can get a fair amount of mileage sacrificing one track for drums.
  • The Digitone has increased polyphony over the A4, meaning you can devote more voices to a fat pad.
  • You need MIDI to sequence the Bass Station 2. MIDI to CV convertors are cheap if you want to go that route down the road.
  • I learned the Analog Four well enough I don’t really care about the screen but Digitone’s screen is easier to read.

I adore my Analog Four and the paint is coming off. That said, had I bought my Digitone back in the day I’d love it probably as much.

The form factor of the MKIs is really fantastic. As an outside shot I’d say a used Octatrack MKI would be good also but the learning curve is tough! Really tough. (Love it though.)


Digitone is another option. 8 voice synth. You can make drum sounds with it (it has some really killer kicks). It’s great for pads, and has dedicated MIDI sequencing.

So it’s a synth (like A4, but a very different voice architecture), with dedicated MIDI sequencing (unlike A4).

One could add something like the upcoming Volca Drum to the Digitone to have interesting percussion (the percussion synthesis on the Volca Drum seems quite interesting), and use the Digitone’s sequencer to power it. Caveat - it’s think it’s still unknown at this time if Volca Drum will put all of its voices on a single MIDI channel or spread them over 6. I don’t think its MIDI chart has been uploaded yet. But Digitone + Volca Drum is a pairing I’m personally interested in for a compact ‘unusual electronic music’ setup.


Good one! The Volca Drum looks very competent.

We should ask the OP how they plan to monitor or process or record their tracks…

The Analog Four’s two inputs saved my life, but I have heard some weird shit about the Digitone’s inputs (they aren’t monitored unless the sequencer is running? Something like that?) I’ve got a Mackie 1202 now but back in the day I just ran two synths into the A4 for panning, delay, and reverb, and recorded the stereo outs into my laptop.

Good points, and bold move. I will look into it

I couldn’t get my AnalogFour to do tricky beats too easy if at all. By comparison to the AnalogRytm at least.

I also have the Squarp Pyramid. If you want to do beats and polyphonic chords too, get the Squarp and a second hand Nord Lead 4Rack or A1Rack. It could come in under the cost of a new AnalogFour MkII

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What are your thoughts on the squarp? I need to look more into it, but it can do everything the DT can do except sample and trigs?

I found a used DT for only $500. Good condition. Hard to pass up.

I never owned it, so I can’t really comment on it. But from the specs and videos I’ve watched, it’s an extremely versatile midi sequencer, with many more features than the Digitakt midi sequencer.

But the DT is a powerful instrument. It’s a sampler, makes a great drum machine, has great effects, can even be used as a very good sounding monosynth. You can make whole tracks with a Digitakt.

What do you want to sequence with the pyramid? Only your Bass station? I think the pyramid pays off more, if you have more instruments to sequence.
The digitakt will add more to your setup imo. DT + Bass Station is a pretty cheap, but powerful combo.
If you want to add a synth with midi sequencer rather than a sampler, I also would recommend to look into the Digitone

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You should’ve had one more video, but with cenks head even closer to the camera!!


Good info. I’m not sure I would use the sampler on the DT for a while, not until I learn everything and make some tracks. Probably a few months.

Yes for now, I only have BS, so DT or digitone is better instrument than the SP. good point.

I need to examine the digitone and SP more.

I don’t get it, sorry

What kind of music do you want to make?
Sorry if you mentioned it already

Not so much house/chill. More so IDM and some drum and bass maybe which is probably easier said than done. Big influences are Aphex twin, BoC, plaid, ven snares, autechre

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Not to say that the gear makes the music, but in this case, I’d have a close look on the digitone.

Is that so? From some reading it seems like the DT is much more capable than DN. Unless you are a more a experienced musician and know exactly what you’re using it for.

Being it has only 4 tracks. What’s your thought process? I appreciate all the help