Analog 4 soundcard problems in Ableton

Hi everyone,

I have a small concern about my A4. I use it in Ableton as a soundcard and everything works fine. But when I select it in the audio preferences it doesn’t show up as “Analog 4” but only displays a lot of “yyyyyyyyyyy”. Is this normal or does this have the potential to perhaps someday cause a bug?

It was like this already in Ableton 9 so I waited to ask here for 10 to release, but the problem still is here.

Edit: oh, btw it’s the mk1

If that’s your only problem with using the A4 as a sound card, you’re doing OK.


Hahaa!!! So true!!

So it’s not a known problem?

I can see same yyyyyyyyyyy in overbride control panel. Also mk1.

Mac or Windows?

Mac in el capitan and in Yosemite. Perhaps I should upgrade to High Sierra?

I use osx high sierra and is the same. I think that is just a naming problem and it doesn’t cause any issue with performance. Mine works fine with ableton.


Macbook pro - Sierra 10.12.6 - ableton 10

I have this as well but I don’t use it as a soundcard. I had issues with overbridge but I just needed to connect with a decent usb -usbc connector and then everything worked fine.