Analog 4!

Love it

Last night I started to think seriously to get it…might i decide for a yes?
I believe i already love it!!!

it’s lush

dunno, might wanna wait for whatever will be announced/released soon, maybe it’s gonna be even lusher?

Yeah wait for the new new to drop.

im always a bit afraid about immediate releases (unripe OS, violent bugs…)

But i can say that i am hugely curious.

the fact i would go for Analog Four is that i can buy it new for €1075 with an affordable amount per month by instalments.

Otherwise i cant afford it! =(

And i’m pretty sure the new Machine will not be available for this kind of selling asset…but maybe i will wait(??) don’t know…1075 is a good price!

Curiosity was not enough…!

And also it is happening some destiny… my Love and I are really linked to the number-4…AnalogFour would be the fourth Elektron i own…

…so i just ordered it! !! !!! =)

plus a QuadraThru ; )

i guarantee that if you give it some love and get deep into it you will not regret it irrespective of next elektron box - if u have cv gear it’s a no-brainer ! lots beneath the surface

yeah haha, whatever the new thing will be, I’m sure it will be a desirable companion to your A4… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: