Analog Four - 5 Year Review: why all the early reviews are wrong, and an MKII comparison

Hi there! I’m a newcomer to the forum and Elektron gear - sorry it took me a while…

The MKII announcements got me very interested and the price dropped enough for me to make the leap get a used MKI Analog Four - what an amazing synth! Just love it.

Anyway, what I had noticed was that the early reviews published when it first came out, for obvious reasons, didn’t cover the major firmware updates and OverBridge capabilities -the difference was so large that I wanted to fix the injustice :wink: so I put together a video which covers that as well as a comparison to the MKII (which I just may upgrade to…)

So, if you’ve never tried an Analog Four and are relying only on the initial reviews, here’s a “year 5” review that hopefully will help get a feel for how much this synth has changed:


Hey thanks for your vid, I learnt quite interesting features watching you review ( fill for example ).

I am a late adopter of the anlog four ( 1 week ).
The price drop made me jump on the wagon and I must say I do not regret it !

Inspiring machine with fast workflow ! Ideas comes super easily !

Thanks again for your review !

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you’re welcome - thanks for the kind words!

Very nice video.
I’m also a newcomer so I’m trying to watch as much as I can to pick up stuff I missed while reading the manual.

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During the current rants going like WHAT ARE THEY THINKING TO RELEASE MK2 VERSIONS IN THE WRONG COLOR stuff we should not forget what Elektron put into this machine as free updates in the last years. Thanks for your video!

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you’re welcome and thanks… and IMHO I don’t think the MKII’s are in the wrong color at all - labels look much more readable and it looks quite nice. not sure I won’t be getting one…

I really dig your bass sound (beginning of the video) is it your sound design, if it is it’s well done :wink:

I’m surprised this didn’t get more feedback here, but I feel like one point which needs to be made. I think it might be irrelevant as they walked back on the decision to charge for overbridge. However, as this video pointed out, I really don’t know of very many other synths, even today, which come with so much. The A4 is seriously loaded.

Thanks for the video loopop!


IMO buying an A4 (mkI or mkII) is a no brainer after Elektron released the latest updated features. The A4 went from being a very cool synth to a must have synth.


Amazing! I love my mki ( and rytm ) and I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your wonderful review videos, it’s great to see someone creating content that is so in-depth and yet so accessible, I feel like anyone would learn quite a lot about synthesis from videos like the grandmother review regardless of whether they owned one. Can’t wait to watch this!


my pleasure!