Analog Four MK2 - Smudged screen from the inside

I just got delivery of my A4 Mk2 and i noticed that the glass on the screen has a very faint smudge, only it’s on the inside. I tried to gently clean the glass but it is 100% on the inside. Its not like a finger smudge, more like adhesive but very, very faint.

Anyone else had anything like this? It’s got me worried that maybe I was sold a customer return or something lol

All manuals and accessories were packaged like a brand new unit. I can get over the smudge, but I don’t like the idea of possibly being sold a return.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

How would a customer get a smudge on the inside? I wouldn’t worry about that aspect. Sounds like something that accidentally happened during assembly.

Sorry this has happened to you… not good. If you’re unhappy then you should request a return or exchange. I know that would bother me too.

I wasn’t thinking so much that a previous user had smudged the screen, more the fact that if someone HAD bought this unit, they would have seen the screen and returned it. Having said that, typing this out i’ve realised that someone could return a product for any reason, so why not be OCD about everything i buy haha.

It’s honestly not too bad and doesn’t affect usage in any way, the place i purchased from is in Germany and im in the UK and current shipping times either way are horrendous. I think i’ll live with how it is. Knowing my luck, my replacement would have a cracked screen and be missing knobs anway.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


Enjoy it either way. A4 is on my wishlist. :grinning:

A have you removed the protective film off the screen?


^ this . the protective screen on one of my boxes looks convincingly like the screen is scratched ( the film was hard to establish as being there ) . it could be scratched because i haven’t taken the protective film away, but i very much doubt it is scratched - might be similar - even the ‘scratches’ are invisible in use

If you had no protective film cover then it could be a return.

I know what it’s like to get a little blemish on what shout be “mint”. However, as the A4 is such a cracking synth why not have a play and see if yu can live with it as returns are also wuite a hassle. I would suggest dropping a note to the seller now to register the issue and this gives them the oportunity to come up with a smart suggestion or offer a free Octatrack to recompense you :slight_smile:

Haha, you’re right. Returns can be a pain in the arse, and i’m perfectly happen with it so there’s no point in returning it. I could try and get a OT out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers man, it’s a great bit of kit and im sure you’ll be happy when/if you decide to buy one :slight_smile:

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I had this happen before. I just turned the unit upside down. No screen, no smudge.

Jokes aside, if you can see it and it bugs you, just return it. You wouldn’t want to buy a brand new car with a chip in the paint would you? A blem is a blem, and you did not pay for a blem. This is just my opinion, but it would probably bug me.

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