Analog Four OS 1.40b

Hi - just started a brand new AF 2 and it had OS 1.40 B



Have you found anything new/interesting that’s not in version 1.40A?

Same here. OS 1.40B. Just got my A4 Mk2.

I feel like I read somewhere that these are internal OS versions that are not really any different then “previous” aka 1.40A in this case. Not sure why but someone on the forum explained it at one point.

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@tnussb mentioned it in this post

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So I emailed Elektron regarding 1.40B vs 1.40A. I asked them this question:

Q: I see on your site it lists 1.40A as latest OS for A4 mk2. Should I load OS 1.40A or stick with 1.40B? what is the difference.

A: 1.40A and 1.40B are identical in terms of functionality, 1.40B is the one our factory is currently using when assembling the units. So no need to downgrade to 1.40A