Analog Four Oscillator P-locks/Slides question

Most of you know the method of doing 3 or 4 note chords on a single voice using the sub oscillators and tuning, right? I dont have the a4 in front of me now (at work atm, thinking about non-work-related stuff as usual), but I seem to remember this not being as straight forward as I would imagine: If I want to slide between different chords on different trigs - let the oscillators slide between values, do I use the note slide option and the slide time parameter? Or do I use the parameter slide option? Happy sunday fellow nauts!

Noone knows how to do this? To clearify:

I want to have each oscillator slide into different notes, say OSC 1 goes from A up to C, and OSC 2 goes from D to G?

This means that the relationship between the notes are different. So just wondering how to make them slide here. :slight_smile:

If you want to treat each OSC and SubOSC as individuals then I’m pretty sure you would need Parameter slides/plocks as note slide is really just single note transposing (i.e. like using portamento on a keyboard).
I use both options a lot but honestly never thought about sliding chords, gonna try that later. Thanks for the idea

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nice idea, will try it out, it should work by plocking the tuning value of each osc then turn on parameter slide

just tried it, with parameter slides and only the main tuning of the osc “slides”

the sub-osc only “jumps” from 5th to 1 octave (below) for example

sounds pretty cool nonetheless :grinning:

edit: could not get it to work with note slides (chords), also used the SLI parameter on the second osc, but strange results, havent done it in a while, but from memory this has worked in the past (at least with single notes)

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Seems to be like I am thought. It’s designed only to make the pair of oscillators slide as one. They can’t slide independently it seems. Too bad!

to be clear, I think the tuning of OSC1 and OSC2 can slide independently, just the sub-oscillator settings can´t

so if you have a trig with tuning OSC1: 0 semitones and OSC2: 0 semitones
and the next (slide)trig has
tuning OSC1: +5semitones and OSC2: +7semitones they will slide independent of each other
(OSC2 will slide “faster” in this case)


Oh really! Gotta go home for testing!

so yeah, if thats true, you can’t do proper sliding of a triad chord, but it sounds pretty cool still! If you let the sub oscillator be the root note of the chord it will be just fine to have it jump? and let the colors of the chord come gliding in!

the sub jumping makes sense, regarding the note slide it should work but I don’t know if it would give you the results you are looking for.
In order to do it you should:

  1. set trig A with note X
  2. set trig B (needs to be set after trig A) with note Y
  3. Func+Slide to enter note slide mode. You should see trig A and B half lit
  4. Click trig A. It should become fully lit

Now, the note slde is setup. You can now try to modify each osc tune parameter and test how that goes, but not sure how it will behave

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