Analog Heat MK 1 EQ Curves

Hello Elektronauts!

I was wondering if there was any place where I could find precise information regarding what type of EQ and curves are applied on each circuit mode with Analog Heat MK 1 Low and High Boost/Cut . What I mean is if it’s possible to know if these are shelving eq starting at an specific frequency with a Q value of X. I could not find this information in the manual and I feel it can be crucial in certain situations!

Many thanks in advance and sorry if this was posted already!!!

It’s displayed in the plugin pretty well! But without numbers I’m afraid, so you’ll get a hunch of what type it is and a relative q but not exactly. From what I recall.

Do you have an AH Mk1 that you could measure yourself?

Oh great. I will check there. Although having the proper numbers would be super useful!

Yes, and I was intending to do a test with either pink or white noise, but I figured the precise information might be somewhere and I could spare the task. Seems like it’s not so I will go ahead and do that!

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Please share your findings with us :kissing_heart:

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So far it seems that both the Hi and Low EQ are shelving types. The high Shelf starts at around 1500 hz with a soft slope, which becomes more prominent between 2500 and 3000 hz. The low shelf starts around 220hz, also with a soft slope which becomes more prominent around 150 hz. The different circuit types seem to change the slopes but not the frequency at which they start. I will do some more investigating these days and try to come back with a more precise answer!


Graphs rules !!!

I am pretty sure the EQ behaves rather differently depending what circuit is active though. Like 99% sure

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Oh you already stated this :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yup. True.

By design and stated by Elektron. Different drive circuits have optimised EQ.

This is from the manual. Who would have thought it would carry such information?!

Hehe. All good then. Or, Allt I Sin Ordning Då!

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Yes, we knew it was in the manual. What is not in the manual and the question of the thread was if the precise curve, type of eq and starting frequency for each circuit could be found anywhere. What I stated that is NOT on the manual was that, from what I can see by doing tests, the starting frequency doesn’t change from circuit to circuit, but rather the curve.

Don’t get me wrong, the information on the manual regarding this is good, it’s just very very VERY incomplete