Analog Heat Mkii won't turn on all of a sudden

It powered up and worked fine last night, but today it won’t turn on. I’ve tried it with my DN power supply (the DN powered up) and it is totally dead. Any ideas, or contact Elektron? It is pretty new, so must have loads of warranty


Unplug the power supply from the unit, turn the switch to on, let it set for a few minutes, turn off, plug back in, and turn on again. I bet it works again.


giving it a go now, thanks!

edit: beauty, works! Phew! Thanks again.

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Party :ok_hand: What probably happened dude is that you rocked the switch halfway without realizing it, but then it rolled slightly back to “off”, then you turned it on all the way. If it ever happens again, that’s the procedure, seems to work the same way on the Heat and the Digi-twins.


I guess I did. Good to know, in case there is a next time.