Analog heat - reaper - overbridge


Just got the analog heat - it sounds mental!

Working nicely with overbridge 2.0 in reaper - all as it should do.

Now i’m being stupid - how do i record the signal back into reaper? Currently i have a drum loop running on channel one, into the analog heat via overbridge - how do i re-record the processed signal into reaper? There must be a way of doing this that i’m being stupid and missing!


Check this thread:

Basically setup OB to route it back and then on that VST channel select “record output”.

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Thanks. I’m being stupid and it’s still not working. I’ve set up the “record output” bit in reaper - but when i press play and record the channel goes silent as it’s recording - i must be missing something!

edit: Oh i see - do i need to use the FX return channel on reaper that the AH makes? I guess that works! Cheers.