Analog Heat via Overbridge latency test

I’ve read a lot of threads saying that people encounter unusable latency with AH used with the VST bridge.
It scared me as I just bought a second hand AH. So I made some tests, recording the same track to another track, routed internally within Ableton Live 10.0.1., with AH plugin and without.
Result is, I’ve got less than 1ms latency.
I’m using a RME UCX, 64 samples buffer size for the soundcard at 44.1kHz (which I guess has absolutely no effect here), and 64 samples and 75 as a “margin” in the AH VST.
Mac OS 10.12.6, Overbridge 1.15 and AH OS 1.02.

I absolutely don’t want to question the issues that others may have, but sometimes it’s also good (especially in forums) to say that something can work well.

EDIT : Apologies, I forgot to turn off the latency compensation in Live 10. The actual latency appears to be 55ms


Thanks for posting.
Could I ask what the processor specs of your Mac is? i5? i7? Speed? Number of cores?

Did you make sure to turn off plugin latency compensation during record? I think with it on, it may skew the actual latency results (maybe? Not sure)

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3,2 GHz i5, no idea how many cores… I don’t know where to find this info.
Super good point about the latency compensation. Had no clue and this could change everything indeed.
I’ll make the test as well with no delay compensation. I’ve got a baaaaaaad feeling !

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“About this Mac” from the Apple menu.


1ms is not possible.

Apologies to all. I forgot to turn off latency compensation in Live 10 for my previous tests.
The latency is in fact 55ms, which is not really acceptable indeed.
I’m really sorry for the inaccurate informations that I gave. And very disappointed by the AH VST Bridge. It’s simply unusable.

Ok…I’ll be the first to admit that latency issues have always confused me and somehow remain a gap in my otherwise decent audio knowledge, but…why is this your conclusion? What’s wrong with using the latency compensation? What about this workflow doesn’t work for you?

I use the heat a lot, always have latency compensation on in live, and have never had any issues. But I’m processing audio to use as a new track, or sometimes in parallel configurations…Nothing for live use…Is that the difference?

I realize this is basic, but this thread is confusing me.

According to me, here’s what happens :

It’s no problem for the result if you record and if you’ve enabled latency compensation. The recorded tracks will be correctly aligned. Your DAW analyzes every VST uses, checks what the sum of all the plugin latencies are, and then offsets the recorded audio by this amount, so there’s is not delay.

But when you’re playing, you can actually hear the latency produced by vst plugins. (Technically I think that you hear the plugin latency minus your soundcard’s output latency)

Someone corrects me if I’m wrong or too tired.

Well one of the problems is when you want to play a vst instrument in real time.
Overbridge will make it so that you will hear a big latency when playing your vst synths.

So basically overbridge works optimally if you only use elektron devices or do not ever record a performance in real time.

Personally i think its a shame elektron is putting so many resources in such a flawed concept.

Has the latency of OB 2.0 already been measured by someone?

Only the driver is being tested in the current Beta stage. The plugin phase of the beta hasn’t begun so there hasn’t yet been a test of the new 2.0 plugin latency. Will have to wait to see.

Otherwise, the extra bandwidth of the USB 2.0 connection via the new driver has been tested and confirmed to be just that, higher bandwidth.