Analog Heat vs fancy rackmount stuff

Since picking up a cheap Behringer compressor off a man in the pub, I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of looking at fun things people slap on their master busses. I’m wondering how the AH stacks up against things like the Thermionic Culture Vulture, the Elysia Karacter or the SSL Fusion. Can anyone clue me in?

You can clue yourself in. For example:


It can sound nice on master buss for sure, although probably best mixed with the dry signal most of the time, a little bit of drive and the EQ can add a nice little heft, and the filter can be used as a nice scoop too.

But most of the time I use mine on individual elements, the envelope follower is really quite responsive and easy to dial in for creative fx.

Ian Pooley did a great shootout here, he ranked the AH second, which given the price of the other units was quite high praise.


Everything has it’s own character.
It’s all a matter of taste and mix and match. Though i think the Heat is underrated. It can’t replace Neve signal paths or real tubes or whatever but the Heat’s stays.

yeah. the AH looks great but i’ve always been a tube fetishist

You should look at the old TC Electronic Fireworx.

Can do some amazing things.

I sold one in amazing condition to @darenager
and regretted it.

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i just figured out how to use this iTrack dock with my iPad. and the OTT compressor is pretty damn good. i imagine with the right plug ins, this is just as good, if not better than HEAT. but it’s not ALSO an audio interface for your computer…