WHAT??? Are you serious??! I love how the Sherman poses and looks in a studio!! Anyway, not fighting your taste…de gustibus :slight_smile:

About AH…might the look of it be the only one thing I do not really like at the moment…it could be because I love the traditional format of the desktop units…I’ll wait to be sure of this when I’ll get it in my pod.

Per the Merriam-Webster English dictionary:


  1. something that is analogous or similar to something else.
  2. an organ or part similar in function to an organ or part of another animal or plant but different in structure and origin.
  3. usually analog : a
    chemical compound that is structurally similar to another but differs
    slightly in composition (as in the replacement of one atom by an atom of
    a different element or in the presence of a particular functional
  4. a food product made by combining a less expensive food (as
    soybeans or whitefish) with additives to give the appearance and taste
    of a more expensive food (as beef or crab)

Technically, “Real Analogue” is an oxymoron. :troll:

The iotene looks and sounds amazing, but much too expensive for me. I’ll take the :heat: and definitely over the Sherman.

There is a noticeable qualitative difference between analog via IC, versus analog via discrete - but honestly its such a niche argument that its really no concern to me as a musician… and as an engineer its still not really a concern for me, just a side note…

in my experience, discrete is more unruly and can therefore be more “alive” or “unstable” and more prone to drift, bleeding, etc. etc. - whether or not you are looking for that is another story… DCOs were invented because VCOs can be a pain in the ass, its a direct response to previous technology for specific reasons, so you should expect a difference and not just write everything off because “yadda yadda kids these days dont know shit, etc.”

Hi Brad! :stuck_out_tongue: i know what i said, say, saying - its not proper analog. In my area its not proper analog . not pure enough.

too many eggs.

gut shots will tell.

I like the comparison with fruit!
Sherman to me is like a lime with lemon drips.
While AH is more like a well thought out macedonia :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry, but what do you mean? My English is poor and I’d like to better understand typical way of saying, thanks!

opening the box and showing the insides.

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the AH sounds great … depending on what you want to do it can be better than a sherman - especially if you need more subtle distortion or just a clean filter-effect
overall i would describe it as a bit warmer sounding than the sherman
but the sherman rocks if you want it really, really wild and rough

i’m glad to have them both


I’ve got an Iotine Core 2, a Sherman Filterbank 2, and I just got my Analog Heat yesterday. First, I gotta say the AH is something I’ve been looking for from somebody for a while–I love analog distortion and filters, but the lack of presets and some of the modulation options have been missing in other devices I’ve had. Here are some random thoughts:

Iotine Core 2 - Pros: Great distortions! Lots of types with lots of different character. Lots of ins and outs also. The filters are nice, but they go before the distortion, which is backwards for how I like to use them.

Cons: Filters before distortion. AHR envelopes only, no envelope follower. No presets.

Sherman Filterbank2 - Pros: This thing is just insane. You can get nasty stuff out of it like nobody’s business. Filter FM modulation is particularly tasty. The harmonically-related filter settings are cool, and I haven’t seen anything like that anywhere else.

Cons: Not only are there no presets, but I found it impossible to get the same thing out of it twice. Hellishly noisy–with certain settings, you can actually hear the LFO. Not the modulation, the actual LFO itself, throwing off weird staticky stuff in the background. The dirt character is a single character. It sounds like that, period. You can’t even really get it to clean up because the input requires a certain level to trigger properly.

With just one session with the AH, it looks to me like just want I wanted. The distortions are really cool. I got an acoustic guitar to sound like a sludge metal doomfest and threw a ton of lowpass filter modulation on top and it sounded like a thousand pissed-off UFOs landing.

Anyway, I love this thing already. It remains to be seen whether I sell the Iotine and Sherman, but for sure the AH fills a need I’ve had for awhile, and it’s awesomely fun to boot.


Yeah I’m with you, filter needs to be post distortion.
Was the first thing I checked on the signal path of the Heat.
Thanks for your thoughts


I have filterbank 2 i don’t have AH.

Sherman is great tool for electronic music! I don’t agree it can’t be subtle, it can, it can do all kind of sounds but you need to learn how to process sounds i agree. It is a bit different kind of beast… very original concept !

For example: try running orchestral acoustic chops trough Sherman, with filters set to parallel and in band mode,and in pseudo stereo out mod. You can have same really atmospheric results out of it, not aggressive at all. Or run your HH track trough, nice dub fx flying around your head, crunchy as king tubby would have it :wink:

You can have it aggressive and atmospheric and hypnotic, it depend on how you do things with it and what you run trough it.

Also i don’t agree Shermann is noise, it has clean sound, almost to clean, best to be used as send fx on your mixer. Except if you run guitar trough it, than direct IN gives better results. .

I would not compare AH and SF at all, they sound totally different to me.


you should be the 1st one declaring this…first time I heard FB2 when arrived at my pod I was on headphones and it fucking scared me because I thought I bought a second-hand broken unit…then Herman himself says it is a noisy dirty kid, like every person I spoke with who owns one…

but I agree it can be subtle----even because you can control AR triggering via Midi

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if you say so :slight_smile: yes, i have it on my send Chanel right now, don’t hear any noise

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What mixing desk are you using?

it is not a desk it is just a mixer, zed 14. why?

damn… you guys can stop talking about how cool it is now… :disappointed_relieved:

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Just wondering. It’s a low noise mixer which is nice to have. Invisible you need that heat bro. You need that heat. Sorry

haha :smiley:
yes we all need sherman and AH, must say just sherman will not get you on the same place as AH. I like AH but don’t need it in the moment.

lol - i hear you sir

Guys how do yo think the AH seat in a live perf situation? Is it more for studio ? Also compared to the sherman one?