Analog Keys as Korg Monopoly?

Just wondering if there is any way to do voice cycling on the analog keys like you can on the Korg Monopoly. Press a key and the voice changes…

There was a thread about this previously - I think you can get close with the various voice priority modes - but not on one key - needs to be a chord and it won’t do exactly the same tricks you could pull on a Mono Poly

Well, in theory it should be possible.
By using kit Poly config and setting it to all voices, allocation on rotate and using track sounds while letting each track be sent into each other and then trough same filter (for example on track 4), the end result would be something like the MonoPoly.

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I think the effect of having 4 part voice rotation with different sounds is more relevant than the paraphonic nature of the MonoPoly. So just using 4 different sounds with e.g. different wavforms, maybe octaves gives a lot of MonoPoly or Oberheim FourVoice feeling when set up as described above.

You can also use only 3 voices to get something rhythmically more interesting.

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