Analog Keys C Key and G# not working


I just purchased a used Analog Keys. It looked mint and I loved my Analog Four but I decided to upgrade to Keys.

Unfortunately C and G# keys are not working. They do not respond and LED does not light up no matter what changes I make.

I did Factory Reset plus full drive formatting. Checked the TEST and it all tests positive.

I also checked the scales and I am not using any of the scales.

Does anybody have any helpful suggestions or should I contact elekton and send it for a repair to LA.

Thank you,


There’s a 3 years warrenty for the Keys - I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Elektron. Maybe check if it’s not in Multimap - mode. I never use that - but I guess the leds should be working anyhow . You didn’t contact the previous owner ?? I would …
Good luck …

Its not in multi map mode. Already checked that. I created a ticket with Elektron. Looks like its going to need some repair.

Thank you for the help.