Analog keys + octatrack mk1

Hi everybody,
im quite new to elektron gear. Had octa for a month, analog keys for 6 months. Trying to find a decent workflow with the two machines. Watched a ton of tutorials on youtube and learned alot in past months and im loving the machines. I connected them so that i can play analog keys and record it with octa sequencer and use midi ccs to modulate parameters. Basically it works, but some weird stuff keeps happening. Besides the notes, ak sometimes triggers samples, solos tracks, records over tracks and crashes my ot quite a lot. I guess all my midi settings are not right. Can someone please post all settings necessary to make them work without troubles? Octa is master and ak slave.

Would aprecciate any help, thanks

I have all audio tracks on my OT basically set to off, they don’t have a midi channel assigned and are all set to “int”.

OT is sending transport, clock and program change to the AK.

AK’s midi controller track is set to OT’s auto channel, so I can play synths over the OT’s midi tracks and record in the seq.

One midi track on the OT is set to the midi channel of AK’s performance track, so I can control AK’s macros for transitions.

I can sequence external synths over the AK’s midi thru.

If the AK is triggering tracks on your OT, check the midi channels.
Basically all tracks, that can transmit and receive midi should be on individual midi channels.
Also there are settings on the AK regarding the synth tracks transmitting midi when you play them with the keys, regarding track mutes, encoders etc…
Check if theres something triggering stuff on the OT.


If you want to play Ot samples chromatically, use C5-C7 notes range only. (C6-C8 on A4).


Thank you, i will test all in the evening.
I think i need to learn more about midi :slight_smile:

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It’s not really about MIDI itself, but how the OT interprets MIDI notes.

Since the OT can only transpose samples max. 1 octave up or down, there is much of the notes range unused. Elektron has chosen to utilize this unused notes to trigger different functions on the OT.

The list from the above picture can also be found in the manual (Appendix C / C.1 NOTE MAPPING).


Thanks, comments helped, did some digging in the manual aswell and octa worked for hours today without crashing. Happiness !)