Analog Rytm - Deep Tech Live Jam (OB for recording only)

Heyja :slight_smile:

I’ve just completed my next Live Jam on the Analog Rytm tonight. This time its some Deep Tech / Tech House Stuff - similar to something i did several years ago.

Im honestly surprised how inspiration keeps me going with the Rytm these days. My last jam is just about a week behind. Considering that i not jammed on the Rytm for almost 2 years before i did my first jam a week ago, im feeling like inspiration doesnt want to leave me this time :slight_smile:

Again only 2 Samples used. The Chord and a short Attack Sample on the Clap to make it “snapier” :wink: Some compression/EQing and stuff done in Ableton Live as well, but mainly to make it louder - not to actually alter the sound.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Cheers subbz2k


Very cool :wink:

Good work sir!

thank you guys. glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

I still have to fight the noise here. Can it be, that the Rytm generally has a noisefloor that can be heard as soon as you crank up a compressor? I can hear the noise … sometimes even when i just dial in the overdrive. Is this normal? ^^

If you crank up the compressor, stuff can get noisy. This is not a problem specific to the AR, by the way.

What helps is to keep in mind that the noisy is only there because the compressor is amplifying hard when there’s a lack of signal to compress.

assumed that already. but the noise is already in the signal - even without adding the ARs compressor or the overdrive. I recorded in Live and then just normalized the Recording (bringing it to an average level around -6 dB). I can hear the noise and you can see the noisefloor in Ozone’s EQ - even before doing anything. Same happens with the A4.

So i guess thats normal then. Will use Noise Reduction for that in the future i think.

Anyway - again: Thanks for your replies. Glad you liked the stuff i did :slight_smile:

The noise is completely normal; it’s entirely expected for an analog signal path and the noise floor on the Elektron Analog boxes is really pretty low.

I wouldn’t use any noise reduction. Makes more sense to control levels after recording in your DAW and/or to use a noise gate.

Very nice man.

thank you