Analog Rytm Faceplate

Is it possible to get a new one? I chipped mine accidentally and it’s really annoying me… (don’t laugh, my girlfriend already did that for you).


ask this guy:!gallery/c19xg

Submit a support ticket. Elektron can probably take care of it for a fee.

You’ll most likely have to send back your entire unit, as it can be a bit of a process trying to fit a new faceplate on if the rest of your unit has gone through the slightest of warping.

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mmmm - that black MD faceplate is tasty

I got a black faceplate for my MD of this guy. Nicely made but not to the same quality as the original Elektron face plates. Also the white labeling is thinly applied and a little opaque on mine. When up against the analog gear the white looks beige and dirty by comparison. It was also very expensive at around $200 US.


Have a look at this…

By Audio Custom looks like a nice job.

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woah. that’s a lot!

Yes. I should add though that this is not just a paint job on your old plate it is an entirely new fabricated plate.

Hello , nauts.
I had to buy a replacement front panel from Elektron as the print on these panels is done too cheaply and easily rubs off with normal use [facepalm]. This is not acceptable on machines costing this much, but that’s another story.

I’m posting to ask if anyone has opened their Rytm and can offer any clues on replacing the front panel… Is it difficult? Is any de-soldering/ soldering required?

How about the screen cover? The new panel didn’t come with a screen cover. How is that attached to the panel?


i like the 5 years later tag! :slight_smile:

just be careful with the knobcaps, take care of the plastic shaft underneath.

make sure to lift them with a butter knife and just pull em up straight. if you break the shaft you have to solder the old one out of the Rytm which is not so nice I guess.

i think you can re-glue the plastic cover of the display but there’s no ribbon connected to the frontplate etc.

good luck

Thanks, I am worried about damaging the display cover when trying to remove it from the old panel. How strong is that glue??

I was about to make a post about this very issue; some of the printed text on my new rytm mk2 has seemingly rubbed off, am I going to have to get a new faceplate? I’ve never had this issue with any other elektron boxes, but it is mildly frustrating…

Hello! I follow because I will also have to do the same. Is it possible that the new faceplate does not have a screen cover? Did Elektron say nothing about it? Let us know how the screen cover was replaced (maybe take some pictures)! :slight_smile:
Cheers and good luck

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Hello @Awesoma , where did you get the Rytm faceplate? Elektron seems to have run out of MKI faceplates…