Analog rytm mk1 can sampling?

I updated it to version 1.50, but the screen is different from the mk2 version and I don’t know how to sample.

and also i use octatrack mk2, i want to use midi track, how can i set up?

I want to play the analog rhythm with the mid-track in the Octa-Track.(for track save)

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The Analog Rytm Mk1 does not sample. However, it can load pre-existing samples.

What have you tried so far?

Have you downloaded the full instruction manual from Elektron’s website?

Do you have experience using other MIDI instruments?


Peter beat me to it. MIDI sequencing on the Octatrack is described starting at page 89 in the user manual. MIDI setup on Analog Rytm Mk1 is described beginning on page 50 of its manual.