Analog Rytm Mk1 +Drive Navigation

I’ve just purchased a 2nd hand Analog Rhythm Mk 1 on eBay and could do with some advice on navigating the +Drive. I’ve watched Cuckoo’s excellent tutorial but I don’t seem to be getting the same options when navigating through the folder structure. Essentially when I enter a directory I can’t get back out of it to the upper layer and if I hit no/exit key it just skips the directory layer and go’s back to the main global menu. Also directory names don’t show up. The only way I seem to be able to get back to the directories layer is to switch the Rytm off and on again. I’m suspicious that this may be a firmware issue, currently running the latest Beta version. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

BTW I think this is a totally amazing machine and very intuitive to use, apart from the media management which is off the scale awful.

Fn + Up => go to the first line and hit yes :slight_smile:


Cheers dude.
The only button combo I hadn’t tried.:grin:

Fn is just to make it faster.
Up all the way works as well :tongue: