Analog Rytm OS 1.22B bugs?

I updated to 1.22B, and in the past two days have had a few bugs that I’ve never encountered before.

Has anyone else noticed some stability issues?

At one point, I was just going to the sound browser and the screen display went blank halfway down, and the machine was non-responsive. I could play a pattern, but I couldn’t browse, or get the screen unfrozen.

The bugs I’ve had recently are all ones that require a re-boot, so they really suck.

Yes, my Rytm BD stopped working after updating to 1.22B now i can only use samples or SD machines on that pad and have loud noise on main outs., a lot more than before.

Also can’t remove it from main out, really annoying.

I have been finding that when I change my scale from 64 down to 16 and then play the pattern, it will only play the pattern once. This happens even if I bump up the scaling again. The only way i found to get around it was to reload my kit.


…or maybe turn off Song mode. !

ive been having weird menu navigation problems. like the down arrow gets stuck or something so when im browsing sounds or samples, the menu just scrolls to the bottom really quickly

All midi control of the trig menu has been removed. Which is pretty annoying for me since I use the note control and and sample/synth triggers by external controllers a lot.

I contacted support about this and this will be fixed in a future update

The trig ccs now erroneously control the LFO!

Ah, That’s what has been messing up those kits :slight_smile: thanks

It was off bro. That was the first thing i checked.

I would do a support ticket for that.

I would do a support ticket for that.[/quote]
Can confirm I had the same (or very similar) sound browser crash requiring reboot on a brand new rytm within 1 hr of upgrading to OS1.22. Has happened twice in a week or 2 but wasn’t able to repeat the issue once restarted. Just seems to happen randomly. If it does it again i will drop in a ticket.

I don’t see that issue but I also went straight from factory OS to 1.22B. Not sure if it’s different when you go up gradually, and have projects built in older versions, if that affects it.