Analog-style note entry from external device - is it possible?

Is it possible to address each step of the sequencer individually via MIDI?

What I’d like to do is make a Lemur or Launch Control XL template that would allow me to enter notes in a MIDI track like an analog step sequencer. I would use sliders to set the note values.

What I really find lacking in the sequencer is the visual feedback of steps - reading and adjusting note values per step is not as immediate/intuitive as being able to see relative note values across the sequence.

Well I imagine if the note sequence you send is per step then yes, anything longer than a step and it will replicate.

Hmm, perhaps I was not clear.

I don’t want to “play in” notes from another sequencer or keyboard. I want to be able to use an external control surface (like faders) to address/program each step in a sequence individually, as the sequence is playing.

I think this is do-able but I haven’t tested it. You can do it with CCs.

This is not possible. The closest thing to this is you have to manually hold down each step and dial in the values you want to p-lock on that step. It’s not possible to control the OT steps in an analog seq style, not even the midi seq which is laid out like an analog seq. As far as I know, the OT doesn’t accept sysex commands, and all of the (very limited) cc options are listed in the back of the manual. Sorry, this bums me out as well.

Edit: I’ve actually had a lot of diffculty making useful controller assignments using my launch control xl, remote sl zero, quneo. The best controllers for OT are ones that you can send multiple CCs with note data, like the behringer foot pedal fcb1010. I’ve got a project I’m working on to create a midi host / remapper on arduino. This will still not solve your solution, but i’m hoping to at least be able to play slices across a keyboard at some point in the future.

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