Analog Video Synthesis Emulation for Audiovisual Performance?


I love the look of the LZX Vidiot and similar modules, are there good software emulations that can approximate the experience of mixing analog video with the same kind of grainy-ness and artifacts of analog video? I know Jitter/PD can do video mixing and synthesis, and I’ve used VIZZIE for some live performances, along with GrandVJ. But I don’t want to drop a couple grand to get into analog video equipment. Surely somebody has tried to tackle this problem in the software domain?

I should note I’m on Windows, not Mac, and I’m aware that a whole lot more exists for this on Mac.


Critter and guitar make a handful of low-fi video synths for under 200 dollars a piece that are kind of cool. They also have the ETC which sits at 495$ and does a number of cool things. It can be found here:

On the strictly software in windows realm. I personally use resolume to do visual work. It is incredibly flexible and you get in depth control on a lot of the parameters. Until I got a digitakt, I used an mpd32 to control it and it was very fun way to go about it. Tons of effects to get to the lo-fi thing as well as a lot of other places.

Vidiot is 699, not 2000.
There’s some software solutions, but after buying software, and whatever else you might need,
seems the vidiot is not too far out or reach.
Plus you get the real thing.

There’s definitely some budget solutions though

Cathodemer looks friggin’ awesome. Exactly what I was looking for.

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Cathodemer does not work properly on windows and at this time hasn’t recognized any midi signals I’ve sent it. Wasted $20 :disappointed_relieved:

check out lumen app

Isn’t lumen for Mac?

you may have just saved me $20, i was about to buy it when i got home from work

yes it is, i knew id get a few mac recs despite my last statement

If there is an update and it starts working I’ll try and let you know

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