Analogue Heat / Digitakt / Minilogue -> Focusrite 18i20 -> ableton setup recommendations

Hyper specific question, but with the subject line setup description, I’d just be curious how you would utilise the AH and MIDI control in track production. I’m looking for ideas that might not come to me.

I’m diving back into making music. Last year I bought a Digitakt, Korg Minilogue XD, and the AH (v1).

Had fun with a PC free setup but now want to bring Ableton back in to do some proper track production. As a Christmas splurge I got the Push 2 and Focusrite 18i20.

I wonder if there is a way I can feed the AH selectively into recordings without having to replutg it into the specific device each time.

Like, can you have the XD and DT feed through some ins on the FR, and choose to route the recording through the AH?

Or would you just record the tracks into ableton and then use the AH after?

Might all be down to personal prefs, but I’m a newbie here obviously :slight_smile: just keen to hear what others would do with this gear setup.

Many thanks.

You could use a raspberry pi running something like patch os, for routing midi/audio without pc host. Or run reaper (daw) on the pi and route all audio through the 18i20 to run the setup headless ?