Another (help me find my ideal) delay pedal thread

Sorry for creating another delay pedal thread but the others didn’t really give me what I’m looking for. I want a pedal for a send on my mixer (so it needs to have a 100% wet/kill dry mode). I’ll be using it for dub style FX so I’d like it to have a bit of character. I’d like a pedal without menus and ideally with midi input for clocking the delay times. What would you suggest?



TimeFactor has a great tape delay. It does have menus, but you can ignore them like I do.

Used prices for TFs seem low now as people trade up to the new Strymons and other complex delays.

Good shout Fin… I’m wondering tho if the guy really needs a pedal. Quadraverb is fantastic and I’d like to throw in the Lexicon MX400 here. I think it’s an absolute fantastic bundle of FX in a rack.

It’s ok, I was mostly taking the piss.

There seem to be lots of SA Nemesis pedals on the market these days for good prices. It’s really versatile and easy, but deep if one wants.

LOL I f@cking knew it haha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


something else to investigate (no experience, but always wanted one)

kill dry / character / sans menus / midi = check

i’ve been enjoying my Boss DD-200 and DD-500. DD-200 has essentially zero menu diving with plenty of character and quality, tho not mindblowing in its total range of abilities. DD-500 adds a bit of menus if you want to dig in deeper, and allows a bit more complexity and a few more features. both have MIDI sync and i believe would match your 100% wet/kill dry mode if i understand you correctly.

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I don’t really care for pedals but Strymon Volante is one that has always tickled my fancy… it seems like a reinvision of the space echo…

go for Strymon Timeline or GFI System Specular Tempus Reverb & Delay.

Polymoon from Meris?

Catalinbread Echorec, Jam Delay Llama Xtrem, Echolution 2, Strymon Volante or El Capistan

All killer options…

With pedals you never know 4 sure till u try so…

And yes - Ninja Tune Zen Delay

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And Ogh… I forgot Universal Audio Starlight, Kelly Eccos, and DBA Echo Dream 2

All mentioned things are killer, and it doesn’t hurt to have two.

Just different character, options, price etc…

And also what I discovered - midi sync doesn’t always sounds better, especially with dub kind of thing… it’s much more alive and pleasant when setting time by ear

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