Another new found love for A4 - animating the FX

I have had more ups and downs with my A4 than with OT, but the other day I tried something new (I realise not new to many of you). I had done a midi sequence for my sub37 but I wanted to do it in the A4 instead, for a live gig coming up - unsure if I want to bring my heavy sub 37 with me. To compensate for the awesomeness of the classic fatness in a moog bass I added some chorus as I usually do on a quite basic patch on the A4 to thicken it. I quickly realised that it wont ever compare to the moog sound so I ditched the idea and decided to embrace the A4 sound fully.

This is the first time I’ve actually put modulation on the FX! 2 LFOs with 4 destinations, all to the chorus. HOLY CRAP, it sounds just awesome! Of course not the same as a bread and butter moog bass line (which I still love), just something completely different. This surely comes off as trivial to some, but to me, this was a revelation in sound! Just wanted to share this experience. I’ll upload a sample of said found later if anyone wants to have a listen :slight_smile:


thanks i will have a go at this!

Don’t tell anybody about that secret weapon :wink:
I use it with modular signals into the A4, even the sends and the panning of the input mixer. And don’t forget you have envelopes also for the fx parameters.


Ooh that’s right! Have to get those envelooes involved as well!!! Thx!

Defo will try this one out. Cheers.

Would love to hear your modulated chorus sounds!

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sure, ill upload tomorrow!

I’ve been holding back on pushing the FX to the limits, but this sounds too good to pass up.

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have you tried parameter locks on the FX track as well? live recording your chorus/delay/reverb send amounts is a lot of fun


Some chorus/flanger-ish, raw and naked :slight_smile:


I would like to try with digitone.

That sounds really nice, congrats. Care to share the modulation approach you’ve followed? Also, what envelopes are you referring to? LFO exp shape used as one shot?