Any notable electronic artists that don't use effects?

I enjoy Alva Noto’s lack of effects on his albums and was wondering if there were any other artists that I should check out that also create mostly without music effects.

are you sure about that?

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I was thinking about this recently.

I was listening to some early 90s techno tracks that seemed to have no discernible fx and I began planning a project with this in mind.

That said I’d probably use filters, compressors but no delays or reverbs.

I guess you mean the super minimal stuff like Transspray… generally there’s always a lot of reverb floating around… you could check Gábor Lázár, very very dry synthesis, his albums have become more progressively beat-y but still all pretty dry

and mHZ too


Listening to this makes me want to drink some water… :wink:


I really like ‘Function’, but in regards to the OP’s question, the descripton explicitly says: “These raw sonic materials are then processed through a number of common audio effects, and organized and structured into a compositional form”. So does use effects.

Don’t know if you mean dance oriented electronic music specifically, or modern for that matter, but wendy carlos did a lot of work without effects.

fair enough :slight_smile:

in reality i would say ‘almost’ everything recorded and released involves the use of a compressor, filter or eq at some point in the chain (even if just to fit into the dynamic limitations of recording/playback formats) … so hard to find something totally effect free, maybe the question should be around the type of effect?

not particularly a response to the OP, but I remember this (very interesting) interview with Ricardo Villalobos in which he discusses his use (or lack of) reverb, among other things

he definitely uses effects, but I always admired his approach to production, feel like it’s very personal

Yeah, I’m not sure exactly what the OP has in mind by ‘effects’.

I guess I meant more of the creative effects, not so much the compressor/eg stuff. So more like delays, reverbs (or heavy reverbs), chorus, etc.

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Ceephax, trackermatte. Depends on the album.

Delroy Edwards stuff is pretty minimal.

Listening to rio grande rn. And it’s pretty raw.

Love his work <3

One of my favorite cats in the electronic scene