Anybody using a 3-tier rack with their Elektrons?

Was wondering to go either 2 or 3 boxes high, but was thinking the top box might be fatiqueing to tweak and twiddle after a while, anybody with feedback?

Was thinking rytm first, octatrack in the middle and monomachine at the top. Was looking af the zerack 2 and 3 tier racks, anybody could vouch on the quality of those?

Any help or advice would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

Just did something a bit similar with a 12U mixer case. Just got it filled yesterday, so obviously I can’t comment too much on the ergonomics, and it’s not 3 Elektrons, only 2 at the top, but it seems fantastic so far. Can send you pics if you’d like.

Wow the 12u mixer thing looks cool! But i dont think i have the space or need for such a case. From my quick google search it looks great though.

I did the 3 tier. If you have a midi controller for the notes, to where you primarily need to just turn knobs, you’ll be fine(my top unit was the A4, tiny keyboard was REALLY) difficult to play.

On one hand it does get SLIGHTLY more difficult to play; on the other, Elektron boxes stacked so high is incredibly beautiful

May i ask what 3 tier stand/rack you used? Also, are you still doing the 3 tier thing or went back to 1 or 2 rows?

In my mind, the third tier would cause wrist/forearm strain with prolonged use. Did any of that happen?

I am currently using a novation circuit to input notes on the monomachine via the step sequencer, so apart from twiddling the knobs, i do have to press the triggers quite a bit.

its just a matter if space for me, I have the 3 tier acrylic glass, very beautiful and fits like a glove. its standing on a 1 m high table in my studio and i stand while playing. rytm at the bottom, a4 in the middle, ot at the top.


I went up to 4 boxes, so I switched to 2 2 tiers. I just went off some from eBay. I got mine from eBay. I don’t remember which guy, but it was 60-ish dollars.

Is this the zerack 3 tier stand?

Ah for a moment i thought you said you went up to 4 tiers, that sounds like a tower of doom!

I also may get an analog four in the future so am considering the possibility of 2 x 2 tier as well[quote=“Ryan, post:7, topic:31082, full:true”]
I went up to 4 boxes, so I switched to 2 2 tiers. I just went off some from eBay. I got mine from eBay. I don’t remember which guy, but it was 60-ish dollars.

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Yeah. I love the symmetry of 2x2. I just got my 5th box so I don’t know what I’m gonna do…

I just saw the main page, you might be getting a 6th box soon so you can go to 3 tier x 2 LOL

From the pictures, it looks to be a different size than the other boxes

I try 3 tier, but i find it very uncomfortable.
So I construct a kind of twin double.
I’m not very good in wood craft but I obtain this prototype :

Great confort.
Now just have to construct the finished product after having bring some corrections to proto.


Now I’m thinking to adjoining parts on th side to put other gear and be hable to turn them like
that :

Damn, how can you keep track of what’s going on in 5 electron boxes? Have enough on my plate with just one :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s tricky. At this point I might need to bud things off into different setups. I couldn’t even reckon using all the voices at once. But I like the sonic capabilities and essence of each box.

Very nice!

Very nice!

yes, the Zerack Plexi. I took the one that is compatible with the dust covers. very nice, can recommand it.

Great to hear that as i am considering exactly that now, but i will be sitting down instead of standing up, do you think it will still be as comfortable?

Also, how is the quality of the plexi? Does it wobble or show any signs of yellowing? Does the colour of the plexi match the tone of the official dust covers?

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