Anyone have experience streaming long bedtracks from the OT?

I have a project I want to prepare for live shows without using a laptop. There are some long droney parts that I can’t really sample, so I wondered about using my OT to stream bedtracks.

Now, my stuff doesn’t need microsecond perfect sync, no rhyhtm in the bedtracks, but there are melodic washy synths that will come in and out of the droney ocean, so I do wonder if after 6 mins will the beds still be in sync with any sequences playing on the OT?

Has anyone done this, who can confirm that it’s worth trying. It’s a lot of work for me to export tracks and prepare them for the OT, so I’m kinda hesitant as I’ve never had luck syncing really long audio passages with any piece of hardware.

Of course they will, why shouldn’t they? Just use a static machine, assign the long backtrack to it and put a single trig with trig condition “1st” and infinite note length down. Additionally make sure that “starts silent” is turned off for this track on any following pattern so the long sample will continue to play.

Beware of part changes, too (best to stay within a single pattern bank with a single part).


…doing THIS was the reason i bought it for in FIRST place…in 2014…
all pandoras box was “just” an add on for me back then…my goodness…i had no idea what else was waiting for me to be disvovered in this thing…

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Actually you can change parts all you like. Just keep the settings on the long sample track the same, the sample will play for as long as you want. Unless there is trig placed after the first.

It can be a long sample I have some 40 minute samples. No problems at all.


From manual :

A single Static sample can be as big as 2 gigabytes.

Around 3h30mn. More than enough!

An Elektronaut used several 1 hour synced files without problems IIRC.

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Well, there seems to exist some very rare bug(s) related to part changes and long running backtracks I run into in the past. None of the occasions were reproducible (the worst kind of bugs). Playback of the backtracks simply stopped without any obvious reason. But these occasions were really rare.

That’s why I worded my statement exactly this way. It doesn’t mean it can’t work out for you. My confidence is simply not at 100% due to my own experience.


Ah fair enough. I haven’t found any bugs myself.

I do love the ability to run massive stereo samples in the background, I dont really use stems anymore.

Also with sample locks you can trigger any sample in any pattern. So if we wanted to use different samples for intro, part a, part b, outro (or smt like that), just lock the sample. Doesn’t matter which pattern or part.
With loop point set accordingly, this gives us a lot of freedom.
I never ran into any issues with part changes, didn’t even know about that - but then, I don’t use backing tracks much, mostly one shot samples, though.

I’ve done a few tracks where I used pad sounds, atmospheric stuff etc. in static machines, though. Trimmed with loop points (like described above). Worked perfectly.

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Thanks for all the input - this gives me the inspiration to:
a) try this out
b) expect some hiccups (so document them) and
c) Find a way that works consistently!