Anyone here made their own acoustic panels / basstraps?

Evening all, been a while since I’ve posted on here as been busy building a dedicated (small) studio in an out building where I live. Everything is nearly in place and last week I started work on making my own custom broadband absorption panels made with 100mm Rockwool RWA45.

I’ve been trying to do some frantic research over the past few weeks on the other thing I need to try to complete this week - basstraps. I have read the usual forums, sluts, kvr etc and found different techniques for the traps, but I’m a little confused so hoping someone out there may be able to point me in the right direction. Alot of folks I’m seeing are building superchunks but all I seem to find is when people are making there using the rigid insulation battens like i’ve already used for my panels. The conflict is that i’m told that for the low end it’s best to use less dense material, like fluffy loft insulation so I’m not sure which method is best.

I have a friend who can get me the two different types of insulation for pretty cheap, not sure which one (if any) would be the best way to go. These are -

Any advice would be really appreciated so I can get back to thinking about music rather than how to build a soundproof studio and try to acoustically treat the fucker!

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I built superchunks out of Owens Corning 703 and it worked really well. I unfortunately didn’t do any before and after testing, but treatment in my room went from super bassy and reverby to super controlled.

Hopefully the panoramic upload doesn’t get messed up:


Also, I put all the non-superchunk panels on French cleats, so if I ever do need a harder sounding room I can take some panels down. The room design was mostly based off the one on Ironically I didn’t buy any traps though… I’m such a jerk.

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Cheers mate, looks like a great job! Unfortunately here in the UK we don’t have Owens Corning products, do you know what the absorption rate was for those panels?

We have Rockwool over here and a number of other products, but the two knauf products links I put up in the first thread I can get for next to nothing, it still doesn’t answer if they would work though! Can’t find much online if they are suitable either!

I built a proper control room in my last home, with non-parallel, non-resonating floating walls. I also built all of my own acoustic panels and bass traps. I’ve since moved to another house. This one had a finished room in the basement that serves as my current studio - the acoustics are awful, and the panels only help a little. They also look pretty bad - the natural fabric was nice against the deep red walls of the old room, but not against the stark white panelling here. With that in mind, I broke out my airbrush and began painting them. I’ve only had time to finish one, but have started the second (Lugois!) with a mind to do all of the great Universal monsters.

Scot_Solida, thanks for the post, do mind letting us know what materials you used in the panels / traps mate?

I’m still a little unsure on seeing alot of posts stating they’ve used rigid insulation for their the traps when alot of the pro’s on gearsluts say use the lower (fluffy) dense stuff that is normally used for loft insulation!

The absorption rates are here:

It does get confusing. It seems like a lot of the acoustic people on gs think using regular old r30 or Roxul is the better ways to go.

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I used rock wool for the insides and coarse burlap for the covering.


Not sure if this helps, but I saw a video that used layers of old towels used in panels that worked ok, well better than low quality foam panels. Very cheap option that may be better than nothing.

You need to put more then just Rockwool in the traps if you want them to be effective under 200 hz, lead loaded vinyl mat hanging freely inside the trap will greatly help the trap to absorb lower frequencies.

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