Anyone using a Evolution UC-33e with their OT?

I have a really specific question for any UC-33e users out there (long shot, I know).

Basically I want to know if it’s possible to make the programmable buttons be “momentary” instead of “toggle”. I’m trying to assign numeric keys to arm record on a corresponding track and I have it working, except I have to hit a button twice to have it work correctly since the default behavior is toggle. The first time I hit the button, it sends a value of 127 and the second time I hit it, it sends 0, thus arming the track. I would much prefer a momentary button so I can push the button to send 127 and then release and have it send 0.

There is a specific example in the manual to operate in momentary mode, but it requires you to use the CC for MIDI note on/off, which won’t work for me.

Thanks for any advice!

I don’t have a UC-33e. Also, I was a bit puzzled by your question.

If you only ever want to send a ‘Record Arm’ instruction, which is a one-off action, why do you want a momentary action? Or why not set up the button to always send the same value when pressed?

If you want to both enable and disable ‘Record Arm’, what’s wrong with a button that toggles betweenvalues for Arm and Disarm?

Apparently the OT only responds when it receives the value of 127 and then a return to 0 for arming the record. I tried making the toggle value be 127 for both, and that doesn’t work at all unfortunately, so I’m assuming that the UC-33e doesn’t automatically send a value of 0 when you’re not pushing the button, if that makes sense.
It’s quirky for sure, and I’ve tried various things, but it seems the only way the OT will respond to arm record on a track is by getting a 127 value followed by 0, hence the need to hit the button twice.

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If you set the MIDI CC field in Enigma to 146 (shown up the parameter UC 33 MIDI CC Toggle) and when push the button send the value 1 and value 2 when release with the selected Midi CC below.