Anyone using two Octatracks?

Friends at the forum,

Anyone here using two Octatracks?

If so, how? And why did you take the leap? What other options did you consider to satisfy this need before you went doubleOT?

I was going to but bought a mini moog voyager RME instead.


I’m not, as I’ve never found a comfortable way to utilise them together for my purposes. Last time I tried, was trying to use one as master, in standard mode, and the other as slave using inf playback mode, but then I hit a couple of roadblocks with a mute/unmute bug, and the fact that Parts don’t send/receive midi.

All I really do is treat them as two sepearate test/development units which kind of keeps me amused.

Got offered the opportunity from a friend, who was pissed that he brought a brand new machine, for the midi seqeuncer, only to find out it couldn’t do midi sequencing at all. Traded a x0xb0x and cash for it.

None really, it just popped up, he wasn’t using the OT and wanted to get rid of it, vis a vis the x0xb0x.

Panda Bear does! The CF cards are identical and he uses them to perform DJ style.

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…i start playing a daily stage show end of this month for the next seven monthand the whole music will come basically from an octatrack…

if this works out the way i hope, i have to buy another one pretty soon…
because there is NO machine in the world that never fails…
so i’ll need a backup solution pretty soon…

the only thing that still pretty sucks when working with an ot, is the file system…
preparing something and ending with the fact that two or more projects must become ONE THING is simply a mess…
and heaps of extra work…

if i imagine having two at once, it would mean every track can become or stay as a project of it’s own…

wow…that’s luxury full on…fooling around as much as you want, never taking care of any special organisation and overview needs would just be mindblowing…


What part don’t you understand?

we do use two octa’s in our setup.

Because we look at the two octa’s just like using ableton in a hardware box.

We play samples with them, use them as mixers or FX boxes, sometimes as midi sequencers, but all very simple and just useful.

We access a very big database of samples from my computer and just randomly put them into the boxes and see what comes up.

Personally, i never found a hardware sampler which can access samples in a more convenient way, it just sits right in the middle


What part don’t you understand?[/quote]
That it cant do midi sequencing at all…[/quote]
Yeah, that’s weird. If the OT was new, they could’ve returned the unit on a warranty. The OT does midi sequencing quite well in my humble opinion.

Did you mistakenly write that thinking this thread was for the Analog products (which “can’t do midi sequencing at all”)? Because the OT does midi sequencing.

When the Octatrack was released, it was advertised as having a “World Class Midi Sequencer.”, it didn’t, it couldn’t sequence midi at all, despite what was advertised, and sold as, hence why they were pissed.

Have 2 here. Had 3 for a while and decided that was overkill.

Why? Bought them cheap from owners that got pissed off at the bugs/complexity/etc.

Also why - I mostly treat them as old school analog synths. I don’t pay any attention to sample management, don’t care what’s on a particular track or on the CF card. I power them up, move to a blank pattern, throw something in and have fun with whatever it happens to be. when I’m done, power it down and it’s all preserved. If I like what I did, I simply leave that machine alone in the partially finished state and use the other one.

Also why - I can run one doing Pickup machines and the other doing flex/static samples and not worry about the flex machine tempo being changed by the pickup machine.

Also why - having 8 outputs and 8 inputs means much less patching changes at the patchbay, gives me flexibility to externally process any particular track, allows me to have outputs C/D on OT1 normalled to inputs A/B of OT2 for chained audio fun.

Rusty has already pointed out the various pitfalls in trying to make them behave as 1 large synchronous machine or as a satisfactory master/slave setup, so I treat them as 2 independent units.

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i’ve got two - one as the brain of my rig and one soley for looping duties

that’s great - i’ve thought about this. put a nice DJ mixer in the middle and go to town! i will be trying this at some point. only sticking point is having to stay close to the original bpm of samples - the OT can’t stretch complex audio very well