APS Aeon 2 & Bass Extender

Hey folks,
anyone tried this combo from APS?
I‘ve the Klasik‘s with sub. But sub is not working in my small room. So was thinking about to upgrade and change from 2.1 into 3-way.


It sounds like the problem isn’t the sub but the room.

Do this: unplug the sub and play a track with just the APS Aeons. Now put your head in the back corner of the room where the 2 walls meet the floor. I bet you’ll have more than enough bass there. Now sit back in your listening position. I bet someone’s suddenly stolen all the bass.

Two suggestions:

  1. Move the sub around until you get an accurate bass response in your listening position.
  2. Get some bass traps. Far cheaper than subs.

Let us know how it goes.

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Hey, thanks for your comments. My back side has 4x Hofa basstraps, front is covered with rockwool sonorock and GiK tri-traps, all from floor to ceiling.
REW and sonarworks are showing quite good results.
But i have the feeling that the low end is still not really tight. It is also quite difficult to adjust sub volume and cross frequency proper to the monitors.

Anyhow, my main question is if anyone has some experiences with the aeons either 2- or 3-way?

If REW and Sonarworks are showing quite good results then you should be getting quite good results. What exactly do you mean when you say the sub isn’t really working?

I have a pair of the Aeons.

It feels indifferent and not linked to the monitors.
My thoughts are that the 10“ sub (temblor T10) is too overpowered and the low end can not really evolve in the small room (2x4m).
Aeon‘s have good in results in low volume and accomplished with extenders it should be perfectly balanced.
Are you satisfied with your aeon‘s? How is low end and will you add the extenders into your setup?
Many thanks!

I’m really happy with the Aeons. Very flat to way down low, so feel no need at all for a sub. I think all a sub would do for me would be to introduce more variables to mess up mixes, deplete my bank account, and annoy the neighbours.

Is your listening position close to the centre of the room?


No, close to the recommended 38% of the room length.
As alternative, do you have some experiences with KS Digital C88 Ref?

No experience with those monitors. I’ve used PMC LB1s in the past and also use ATC SCM7mkII. I’d highly recommend either, though only available used.

If you can listen to your Aeons in another room / studio you know sounds good that might help you decide if it really is the Aeons which are the weak link.

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Well, I‘ve the Klasik‘s right now and was thinking about to upgrade to aeon.
But I‘m really curious about the C88. 3way with coax, very linear and dsp for room eq. And way more cheaper.